9 weeks pregnant

9 weeks pregnant and don't get me wrong I can't believe I've even made it to this point. I have three weeks to go until me 12 week scan and I can't wait for that day to come but when does the fear go away and the excitement start kicking in? I think it's just everything we go through and every year that passes you feel like it's never going to happen so now it has you just can't think of anything else then how much you want this. Sorry just writing down how I feel so nice to sometimes say it out loud.

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  • I've not been in this situation yet but when I eventually do I think I will be scared the whole 9 months until that baby is safely in my arms. Just take each milestone one step at a time, and try to enjoy every minute of watching that baby bump grow 😊 3 weeks is nothing will be here before you know it xx

  • I wonder if it does go away? I hope so xx

  • I would like to hope so but maybe it'll just get less each milestone you hit xx

  • 🤞 xx

  • Hiya, I'm 12wks3d and the worry still hasn't gone away! That's despite an early scan at 7.5wks and a private scan at 9.5wks....got my 12wk scan on Thursday and I'm just as nervous as I was before the other two...except now I'm not just worrying about miscarriage, I'm worrying that it's healthy too! I don't think the anxiety will ever go away...it just shifts and changes into various guises!....even when they're born! xxx

  • I think everyone is different but for me it hasn't really gone away, it has become more manageable and the odds do start to really turn in your favour which helps. I've also started to realise that being a parent is also going to be about learning to live with anxiety-so maybe when they're 18?!?

  • Very true I suppose my mum still worries now x

  • I feel the same! I have my first scan tomorrow (7 weeks) so worrying about that. I am hoping that in the third trimester when you can feel movements that the worry goes a bit. But realistically until a safe and healthy baby is born I don't think I will stop being terrified. It is nice to hear that other people feel the same way. I swear my husband thinks it is just me who is anxious! X

  • For me it was around just after the 20 week scan and started to relax. Think at that point started accepting the b (baby) word aswell.

    Transitioning now from hope it keeps stays in and counting days to oh sh!t how is it going to get out. I also now sometimes forget I'm pregnant which I felt as a constant worry from 2ww onwards. Bit weird to say that with a big kicking bump!

  • Still very anxious and Im just over 9 weeks. This has been a long time coming so it feels so strange thats its actually happening right now! Every time my OH says you're pregnant or something similar I jokingly tell him to shut up like its not true?!!!! Haha! Hope the worry gradually fade and excitement takes over! xx

  • Feel exactly the same, I'm 10 weeks today and don't feel pregnant at all, just a small bump (but I might just be a bit fat, lol!!). I have midwife appointment on Thursday and then she will book in my scan so I have no idea when that will be. The sooner the better, I'll go mad if I have to wait any longer 😳

  • I feel exactly the same way - 13 weeks today. I had a scary bleed at 12 weeks (a scan the same day showed things were okay) which had just made my anxiety even worse, when I didn't think that was even possible!! I'm hoping fhe anxiety gets better. Xx

  • I'm afraid the worry doesn't go away but I think you learn to live with it a bit more. I'm 13+5 and still worry now - still don't really feel pregnant apart from the expanding lower abdomen & some extra flabby bits (have put on far too much weight already!) Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone xxxx

  • Thankyou for all your replies xxx

  • I'm just over 8 weeks and really worried! Had early scan last Saturday and there were two heartbeats and we found out it is twins! But feeling anxious for some reason! What if what if what if going on in my head! Desperate for nothing to go wrong! Scan still 5 weeks away! 😬 so I know how you ladies feel!!! Xxx

  • That's amazing two heart beats xxx

  • I know! 😍 I need to remember that and hope they stay strong!!! Xxx

  • You dont need to believe it, when you can easily feel it! hah. I remember myself being pregnant, and we had no issues with conceiving, but i also couldnt believe till the last moment. i was so chill and relaxed. i wish i was feeling the same now, trying to conceive with no positive results. you know, sometimes i think this attitude just makes it worse. but anyway, we are here to talk about your positive news. so stay happy and i envy you a lot but in a good manner. congrats and enjoy your new life.

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