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9 weeks/sensitive

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Hi everyone

This is a bit of a random question has everyone been 9 weeks pregnant and felt little niggles and pregnant up to now then nothing, like really swollen boobs then a lot less? Is it normal for your boobs to hurt less as weeks go on?

I’ve booked a private scan today as I can’t wait till the 2nd of jan for my 3 month one as feel to worried.

Has anyone else been in my boat? Not feeling pregnant at all I mean 🙄 or is it just me driving myself mad and over thinking!?

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It’s very difficult for us not to analysis every little thing!

I’m 15 weeks pregnant & symptoms can come and go. The body adapts to the pregnancy hormones & only when pregnancy hormones surge will you get symptoms. Also symptoms can ease from 8 weeks. And some women will get no symptoms & have perfectly healthy babies- my mother in law had no symptoms in any of her 3 pregnancies & had 3 sons! Every woman’s pregnancy will be unique to her.

Wishing you the very best with your scan & hope it gives you reassurance coz we need it 😊

There is also a pregnancy forum & mum site NCT, lots of ladies from here are on there 💗 xoxo

I have heard that symptoms can disappear quickly and even come back with a vengeance. Some ladies never have any even from the start. Anyway, good luck with your scan. Update us later xx

Jess I’m 9 weeks too and am feeling the same! I’ve not had my appointment through for my 12 weeks check yet so I’m tempted to book a private scan in soon just to check. So hard not to over analyse everything 😬

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Hi KJlee I had my scan and everything was absolutely fine all how it should be and I can’t tell you how much better I feel I don’t think I would have been able to wait till the 12weeks. I was driving myself mad but feel much better now x

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KJLee in reply to jessleach2018

Oh good, so pleased for you! Makes me feel a little at ease too. I know the symptoms will leave us at some point, just thoughts it would have been around 12 weeks.

Glad you’re feeling better about it 😊 xx

I had the same from 8 weeks. By 9 weeks I was beside myself. Booked a scan and put all things ivf away to prepare for bad news at the scan but all was good! Symptoms came and went from then. I’m 15 wks tomorrow xxx

After the first 2-3 months symptoms tend to ease off xxx

Mine hurt less around that time with my son, they just got massive instead! Xx

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