Birth Control Pills after Embryo Freezing

Hi Beauties.

I just want to let you know some information if it would be of help anyways, was with my OB yesterday and after running through some tests, she advised to go with BCP immediately after extraction of eggs to preserve my remaining fertility because she said after going through stimulation (im 39 this year) the body will be exhausted and may trigger (if you are at my age) menopause. So taking the BCP may help prevent that. I have also PCO so ...there :)

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  • Wow! Thanks for that information. No one told me that and I would have thought very carefully before doing ivf if someone had. I had no idea that I may have induced menopause by taking stimulation drugs. x

  • Hi MrsC - you're welcome. But ask your doctor as well because it may vary for every person :) so at least it is something you can ask your next visit. :)

  • Thanks. Unfortunately I'm done with IVF and am out if the system so I will never find out. At least I'll know why if I start to go through the change a bit earlier than expected. I wouldn't have any faith in asking my gp. They made us try for two years before referring us despite NICE recommending only 1 year. Because they have to know a little about a lot, I doubt they'd have any knowledge or awareness of this. Besides, our consultant told us we've not conceived because we're genetically incompatible. This is based on absolutely no evidence and is supposition. If a fertility consultant can't offer more of an explanation, I doubt she had full awareness of the side effects of the drugs. She just told me I was lucky to have a nice husband and should be grateful for that. 😂

  • I am sorry to hear that. Will you be willing to try again? I am not sure if there is such thing as genetically incompatible, unless otherwise you went through genetic testing and etc? Sorry I am not a doctor so that was just my thoughts... if you are willing to try again, there may be some other options like in India (IVF is quite pricey, I had inquiries in INdia and they gave me US$ 2700 without medication and tests...just the IVF ...) , Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Ukraine...I have been researching (budget wise since I will be doing the journey on my own)...surrogacy also.... It is not easy to say because we don't have the same journey, but my OB mentioned age may not always be the issue, just make sure the mother's body is healthy (bp and diabetes in check), all systems are go.

    I wish you the best.

  • Thank you Sweetie. You are kind. No we're done. Ivf is just too hard. We've not had very good experiences of it. We could try again privately but it is just so expensive and I doubt we'd have success. I know others seem to find success but I just feel it's not meant to be and I'd rather not prolong the agony. x

  • I pray you rest you weary hearts for now, and I hope you find a new tomorrow. I wish you well Mrs.C.

  • Thank you. That's the plan. xxx

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