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Sensitive post - birth announcement


After 6yrs of secondary infertility - of trying Ivf with own eggs, acupuncture, reflexology, Chinese herbs, fitness, eating clean and no plastics & chemicals in our lives - we turned to donor eggs at the age of 45yrs old. We went with one clinic in Greece but didn’t get any viable eggs to transfer as we did PGS testing- so after another year of specialist testing ( as advised) on my husbands sperm and all tests were clear- we changed clinics and got pregnant first time with donor eggs not using PGS testing this time.

My beautiful baby girl was born at 30weeks+6 days due to me having severe pre- eclampsia and being admitted to hospital 2 weeks before she was born on 26th June , she was 2lbs 11oz. She was in intensive care for a week and now moved to a local hospital and in special care were she just needs to put on weight! We still have a long way to go before we can bring her home - but my family is now complete and we are over the moon. I’m so happy to share more of my story if I can help anyone - if you want to be a mum your dream can come true like ours did. This forum has been a godsend so thank you all for your friendship and support over the many years. You women are so strong and can do this too! All the best. Xx

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Awww I'm absolutely delighted for you! I thought your post was early when I read. Hope you are doing ok & your beautiful tiny little girl gets big and strong very soon!!💞💞 Huge congratulations & all the best for the future now that your family is complete!xxx

londonrc in reply to Cinderella5

Yeah 9 weeks early! She was determined to come into this world fighting! Thank you for your well wishes- you are one of strong women in this group who have supported me and many women for years- I really hope you get your dream baby soon. Any idea of timing yet for transfer? Xx

Cinderella5 in reply to londonrc

Aww thanks! Yes definitely a wee fighter that you have there....feisty female!!😂 Well now that Nicola Sturgeon has gotten her backside in gear an announced we can ho to Greece without quarantine today it's all go at our end. Hope to fly out end of July. Not getting my hopes up though, dont want to sound beaten but chances of this working are slim....just cant finish up without knowing for sure!xx

londonrc in reply to Cinderella5

I totally get where you are coming from- I’ll pop by to see how you are getting on and keep my fingers and toes crossed for you guys. You so deserve this. Xx

Cinderella5 in reply to londonrc

Thanks lovely!!xx

Congratulations!! Itty bitty cute baby girl xx

londonrc in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you Tugsgirl- I hope you and your little one are doing well too! Xx

Congratulations!! She is beautiful ❤️

londonrc in reply to Mimisami

Thank you so much Mimisami!

Oh, the tiny little sweetheart. Hope things continue to go well and she fattens up nicely like a little piggie and you can get her home very soon. Congratulations xxx

Thank you - I hope your little one is growing big too. Yes I can’t wait to get her home. X

This made me cry I’m so happy for you. Congratulations she is beautiful. I’m so so glad you kept going. I know it’s hard having a baby in special/intensive care but it won’t last. I did 12 weeks of it! She will fight! I love reading these posts it kept me going and I’m sure this will help others too. Take care xxx

londonrc in reply to Missy_22

Awe thanks - I’m hoping it won’t be 12 weeks maybe 6 - but we will see how she gets on! Can’t wait to get her home!

Missy_22 in reply to londonrc

The feeling will be amazing! Sleep while you can x

londonrc in reply to Missy_22

I’m busy expressing my milk so still waking once in the night but trying to get a nap in the day too!

Lovely xxx my twins were in neo natal for 2 weeks they are now 2.5 xxx I love reading stories like ours XX

londonrc in reply to kc21

Thanks- I am sure the time will go so quickly and she will be a chubby baby before we know it! X

Congratulations!!!!! She is gorgeous!!!!

londonrc in reply to danae35

Thank you!


Congratulations, hopefully she will chubb up abit xx

londonrc in reply to Hidden

Yes hopefully she will - she only needs to eat and sleep for now and she is doing that well so far! X

Congratulations very cute 🥰

Huge congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl ❤️

I gave birth to my son last year at 28 weeks. We were in NICU for a total of 9 weeks which was like a huge rollercoaster but happy to say he is doing amazingly and surprises me everyday by his shear determination and strength! These tiny humans who are so desperate to come into this mad crazy world maybe small but are so so mighty and strong.

I wish you all well and hope your able to bring your baby girl home soon 😘 xxx

londonrc in reply to Jenjen84

Thank you - wow 9 weeks - it’s already been a 3 week rollercoaster being in hospital before she was born and then another one post birth- however feeling very positive now she just needs to fatten up! I’m so glad your son is well- they are determined little things - and at least I can enjoy my cuddles at the moment and rest up as much as I can before we bring her home. X

Jenjen84 in reply to londonrc

She will fatten up in no time ❤️ Enjoy those cuddles, Ollies 10 months, 7 corrected and has just learnt how to crawl and there’s no stopping him now so no cuddles for Mumma! 😕 Xxx

Oh look at her 😍so beautiful & such a little fighter. Congratulations!

Hope she is home with you soon 💞xxx

londonrc in reply to CLDxxx

Thank you- x

So sorry to hear about the pre-eclampsia but great news your gorgeous girl has been delivered safely!! I’m sure the hospital will do everything in their power to ensure she is monitored and gets bigger now!! (Our brilliant NHS!) Very emotional picture ....will pray she really gains weight now!! Xxx 🙏💕

londonrc in reply to Jazmin222

Omg the nhs is totally amazing! I’d clap them every day - all the NICU and SCBU staff and pre natal and post natal nurses and dr’s were just amazing! I couldn’t fault them at all for the brilliant care we were both given. Thank you for your kind prayers! All the best to you on your journey too. X

Huge congratulations!! Welcome to the world beautiful little one! 😍 So glad that she arrived safely and hoping she now keeps on putting on weight nicely so that you can all be back home together very soon xxx

londonrc in reply to Picalilli99

Ah thanks so much Piccalill, can’t wait til she is home and we can start being a proper family with my son too who is desperate to see her! Wishing you well too in your next steps! Xx

Picalilli99 in reply to londonrc

Aww I bet you can’t it will be the best!! And hopefully not too long away. Thank you xx

Congratulations 👏

Congratulations and a lot of health! 💕

She’s ABSOLUTLEY beautiful well done Mummy xx has she got a name yet xx

londonrc in reply to Noah1981

Thank you so much- we named her Leela! X

Cinderella5 in reply to londonrc

Lovely name!!xx

What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing as it certainly provides hope. Your little girly is beautiful, a big congratulations to your family :) x

Hope and growth- I think through this I have come out a different person - someone who appreciates everything in life and one who never gives up! All the best to you. X

What wonderful news of your miracle baby girl 🙏 6 years, wow, well done on persevering. That little soul chose you ❤️

londonrc in reply to FertileMind

Thank you Fertilemind - yes it’s been a long journey and I forgot to say 4 miscarriages in there - but totally worth it. Xx

That's brilliant news. Congratulations to you all. What an inspirational warrior you are xxx

londonrc in reply to Camillage

Thank you Camillage- you too were an inspirational warrior to me too! I remember messaging you when you were going for your successful transfer in spain- I think that your story gave me hope that even after failed donor transfers you could still get your dream! How are you and baby? Are you ready for #2 yet?? Xx

Camillage in reply to londonrc

Well..... funnily enough at first we were talking with each other and saying "why on earth would anyone have more than one". Not that we don't want Angus. Just that it is so much work with one we had no idea how anyone would be able to have the tine to fit in doing everything that needs done for more than one. Skip forward a couple of months, Angus had started to sleep in more of a pattern and you get used to whatever the day brings. That coupled with the clinic asking us if we wanted to keep the additional embryos we have.... well the short answer is yes we would love a sibling for Angus.

I don't want / can't have the mission being all encompassing as I don't want it to be to the detriment of Angus. But we will give it a shot and see what happens.

As I had a c section I have to wait for 12 months. And of course at the moment I would not want to travel to Spain with Angus. So, hopefully we can try later in the year xx

londonrc in reply to Camillage

Ah yes - I think having two close together in age can be very difficult for the first few years and then it gets easier as they play together etc- we didn’t have that worry as our son is 9 so once our baby comes home he has said he will help me and not play so many video games!! Ha ha let’s see!

Even though I wanted a second a long time ago- this age gap will help me and my son already adores his little sister it’s just so cute already!

All the best for you next transfer- and yes I don’t think it will be all encompassing as you will be too busy with Angus! Xxx

Camillage in reply to londonrc

Thank you so much. Big hugs to you all. Sounds like your son is a wee star xxx

That's a good weight NiCu and Scbus are fab. They never give up. Congratulations x

londonrc in reply to ancde

They certainly don’t- always caring so much - even sending photos and videos in the night and when I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t go and visit her! Just so grateful to them all. X

Hi congrats

She will be fine and strong - she is a fighter!

I also have the same issues of - secondary infertility for over 8years

How did you find having a donor preg was it different?


londonrc in reply to JanB78

Thank you - I don’t know if it’s the donor pregnancy was different or just each pregnancy is different! Also before I carried a boy and this time I carried a girl. In terms of the drugs etc it was very easy- I felt more tired and I think I put on more weight but I think it was also due to lockdown and being at home as I was furloughed - so my pace of life just got slower- maybe that we got the best in prep for what she was planning for me!

How old is your first child ? My son is 9 and is totally over the moon to be a big brother - it’s just so wonderful to see the love in his eyes for her already. bringing this baby into this world was for us as parents but for also my son whose longing for a sibling never went away - just like y longing for a second child never went away. Feel free to Pm if you want to chat. Xx

Wow! Congratulations. You are a strong and amazing women. Thank God you never gave up but pushed through. xx

Ah thank you for your kind words but there are a lot of strong and amazing women on this forum - yes thanking god everyday even though I’m not religious! Xx

Congratulations that’s lovely for u. She is beautiful xx

Massive congratulations to you. So happy to hear your little girl is doing well too.

We had a little boy using donor eggs 12 weeks ago & are delighted with him. I had some issues with blood pressure and got readmitted to hospital just under a week after his birth, but it must have been very frightening for your little one to be born 9 weeks early, so glad it's all working out, hope you have her home with you soon.

Best wishes to you xx

londonrc in reply to Nessa500

Thank you so much! Congrats to you too! Yes we can’t wait to get her home - but she has some growing to do first!

Has your Bp resolved now? Mine is being monitored and hopefully I can be weaned off the medication in the next few weeks. X

Thank you.

Still on BP medication! Final stages now hopefully of it bring reduced, but will have been on it over 3 months before I come off it! Still it's absolutely worth it.

Stay strong, it really can't be easy to have your daughter in hospital, especially at the moment. Wishing you all the very best xx

Omg she is just adorable!!! Huge congratulations! What a journey you've been on and what a beautiful ending. Enjoy every minute of the joy ❤️❤️❤️

Well done, after so much time and lots of heartache I’m sure! Very big congratulations!!

congratulations, she is so little but beautiful. Your story gives us all a lot of hope. Thank you and enjoy this previous time being a new mum. xx

Wow what a beautiful Blessing. I congratulate you, and your husband on the birth of your beautiful baby girl.

God Bless.

She’s beautiful, congratulations 🥰 xx

Congratulations to you both she beautiful baby girl, she will get strong soon and she’s in the best place to look after her .

I am 45 too and after my 6 attempts In April I think it’s never ever going to work for us , I still have one embryo left, but losing hope now .

So glad it’s worked for you both xxxxx

londonrc in reply to Angels2us

Thank you for your kind message - are you using your own eggs or donor eggs for your 6 attempts? X

Angels2us in reply to londonrc

Hi donor embryos I had 4 put 2 in December got pregnant, then after at 6 weeks my level was dropped , so stopped drugs miscarriaged , then had 1 put back in end of March same again. So got one left and just think there’s no point, 😘😘

Angels2us in reply to Angels2us

The previous goes before that was mine I had a 14 year gap and tried with donor this time but same thing again and just don’t think I have the strength again to go


londonrc in reply to Angels2us

If you do want to try again I would totally recommend my clinic in Greece - they really vet their donors and only let them donate twice so they know the eggs are of good quality. Pm me if you want more info. Take time out to think about it and decide what you want to do. X

Angels2us in reply to londonrc

Thanks I will do heads a bit all over the place at the minute, one day I want to and the next I think I can’t do it again, it rips a little bit of you each time 😘😘😘

londonrc in reply to Angels2us

I totally get it!


Congratulations! 🥰❤️

congratulations, she is so cute🥰🥰🥰

Congratulations 🥳

Biggest congratulations 💐💐💐. What a beautiful and strong little girl. I’m sure she’ll be home in no time...x

Congratulations! That is really good news..if it's of any help, I was born at 26 weeks 31 years ago and was intensive care after I was born and I made it! These days, the care and treatment has come such a long way, I'm sure your little girl is going to be absolutely fine and you will be able to take her home soon :)

It is good to hear stories such as these

as it gives hope! I'm at the very beginning of this whole journey, been TTC for the last 18months/2 years and nothing. I'm fit, healthy, eat well and hormone levels all normal and ovulating but ive just found out that one tube is totally scarred and the other the dye went through but there was no spillage

Haven't spoken with my consultant yet on what she believes the next steps are but as you can imagine my head is going wild! I also have low egg reserve. 9.

I'm looking into taking supplements but not sure what extra I should be taking! I've been on pregnacare for the last 6 months but am thinking of taking Royal Jelly, maca root and Coq10 as additional supplements but not sure if this is too much??!!???

Did you take anything like this to help you along the way?

I also think my main help that I need is to just calm my mind and take each step as it comes, each moment as it comes, but it is extremely difficult.

My husband is very supportive but I just think we are coping very differently. He is very pragmatic and we just need to follow the advice, which of course, I know that is true but it's difficult to follow.

I Don't know if anybody elses husbands are like this...but he is very hard on me in the sense he doesn't want me to get upset and bring myself down as it's not good for me, not healthy..he is in a way happy they have found the problem and we r not going mad and we can work on it. I agree with all of this, but its still hard emotionally as I feel one day I'm really good, the next day I'm upset about it all...its just so difficult.

Be good to hear peoples thoughts on this???

I've also come across this company called Felopio? About tampons they can help reduce scarring and reopen tubes...genuinely dont know if this is a scam or its real!!!?? Thoughts on this will also be appreciated from anybody...

Thank you all x

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