Antagonist Protocol with birth control pills?

Hello everyone, had my appointment with the consultant on Monday and she briefly went through our treatment plan, said I would be taking birth control pills first, looking into it in my information from the clinic and on the web this is called the antagonist protocol and seems like it ins't as standard as down regulation, just wondering if anyone else has had or is doing this? got my appointment with the nurse this coming Monday to go through the plan and dates but i cant wait till then and its stressing me out a lot! I wish I had asked more questions from the consultant at the time but I just felt a bit overwhelmed would love just some advice or suport I have no one to talk to about this x

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  • Hi, it's a while since I had my IVF cycle but similar to you, I was on birth control for a month. Then I was on down regulation after that. My clinic called it the long protocol (lasting 8 weeks or so) and the idea behind the birth control was to prevent any cysts forming but also to time the cycle correctly, if I remember right. I can't remember the exact reason for that protocol and not the short one but it worked for me, so don't worry. I'm sure they wouldn't recommend it if they didn't think it would work.

    Make sure you have a little notebook to write down questions as they come into your head and ask them at your appointments. IVF is like learning a new language so it does help to write things down. Best of luck!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, really reassuring to know someone else has been through similar as I was starting to worry it was unusual. It also seems very long winded when you have already been waiting forever to start!, I'm sure you are right though and they know what they are doing for the best, will be taking your advice about the notes too that's a good plan, once I am there I just forget everything I wanted to know! thanks again x

  • Hi hun when are we going to see pics of the babies? We're all waiting. Hope everything is going well. I'm a twins specialist so pm me if you want any help xx

  • Hey Madcatlady, I added a little picture to the announcement a few days after I'd posted about their arrival! They're getting big now, 5 weeks tomorrow. I will pm you, thanks!!

  • Hi pMauz. The aim of using an antagonist is that by not suppressing (down regulating) your ovaries with nasal spray, the stimulation injections work with your own hormones and then the antagonist just stops you ovulating before egg collection. The benefit of using this type of drug is that an antagonist cycle means all the drugs are usually given within a 2 week period of time so it ends up as a shorter process. Hope all goes well with it all. Diane

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