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Feeling deflated


Definitely feeling 'why me' today, feeling so deflated, can't believe it's come down to IVF, all you ladies are so strong not sure if I'm strong enough!. It's a tough process, I was so positive and excited at my injection lesson yesterday. All my friends are pregnant and we are having to inject ourselves to be in with a chance :(, sorry for being negative just feeling really fed up :( xxxx

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Totally understand and feel exactly the same lovely!! The way I see it, when it finally happens for us, baby will be the most precious gift ever and although other mothers will feel exactly the same we've had to go through that little bit more than someone who has conceived naturally. Keep thinking positive it will all be worth it in the end sweet :) xxx

Don't worry we all felt the same! You just find away to get through it. The injections aren't that bad, you get used to them. Just try and focus on the positives. This is what the site is used for....to rant and rave!

Wishing you all the best. Xx

Hi little miss 93. I have had exactly the same feeling today. This is so tough and there will be days that are so much harder than others. I've not been on this site long but already the support all these ladies give is amazing. You are not alone and everyone is here to help. Wishing you luck and fingers crossed for you. X

Hi, I also felt exactly like you do at the begining of my IVF treatment. On day 3 of injections we went to a wedding and there were 3 pregnant women at it. I was so upset, as I kept thinking little do they know that i am having to inject myself with hormones and go through intrusive and expensive treatment just to get what they have gotten so easily! I was so resentful! Then after a bit of realistic thinking (and a good rant on this forum) i realised that I was doing something positive and taking on the scary IVF beast and possibly changing mine and my husbands life forever. It felt empowering to know that I was taking control and doing something about it. There were still days I would worry myself sick and have a bit of a mope about it all but that is only natural when going through this journey. You are stronger than you think, you will get through this and do not be hard on yourself when you have days like today. You wouldnt be human if you didnt. I wish you the best of luck and sucess with your treatment and remember we are all here to listen when you need to let off steam xx

I'm over a year into treatment and I still occasionally think "Why us?"

Infertility is unfair but treatment gives us a much better chance at having our much wanted baby. My best friend got pregnant as we were told we needed ICSI so coping with the mixture of feelings around her announcement was really tough.

The injections are much better than I thought they' due and I feel better when going through the treatment tan the waiting for it to start.

Good luck!

Hey, I just wanted to say that always happens to me after appointments. I feel that I am always positive on the day of the appointment but the day after all the thoughts kick in and I feel so negative and emotional. I think it's just when it really sinks in. I do find that I start to feel better again a couple of days later once I manage to pick myself up.

It's totally normal in my opinion as this is the hardest journey I could ever imagine.

All the best xxx


Thanks girls!. It's all kicking in now I think, mixed emotions!. I needed to let off a bit of steam, feeling a little better today, when I think of what's to come yet I just think of the outcome trying to change my way of thinking!, much love to you girls and all the luck in the world!! Xxxx ps thanks for listening and the nice replies!,,xxxx

I definitely have the "its not fair" feeling. Why is it when we are going through this everything on telly and around us is about people getting pregnant. I even had my boss saying whilst pregnant with her third "we weren't even trying we're just so fertile"!! Obviously she had no idea what I was doing. My head was all over the place and I really recommend Zita West's Relaxation CD - For Pre & Post Embryo Transfer - zitawest.com/buy/cds/iv... I used to listen to it every night to calm me down and any other time when I found my emotions running away with me. I wish you and everyone else going through this the very best of luck x

You're not alone lovely, you described perfectly how I often feel too. Be kind to yourself and take one day at a time. Good luck x


Just booked a couple of weeks off work so think I'm going to get my nails done and hair and relax for a while :)), thanks girls, you really have made me feel better :)) good luck to you too ! 😊 Xxxx

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