EC tomorrow - Terrified

Hey ladies, looking for some advice/positivity from you lovely bunch!!

After 16 long days of stim's, y'day they confirmed EC for tomorrow!! Terrrified as I've never had any sort of surgical procedure never mind this (well minus the HSG).

We've come so far since crap baseline scan though, so I can't let us down now!! We now have 11 follies (7 already at size they'll go in to, 2 they hope will catch up & 2 too small).

Positive thoughts / experience welcome.....😳 πŸ€ xx

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  • You will be fine you don't feel a thing! Meds are good! Good luck for lots of eggs xxx

  • Thank you!! πŸ™ My clinic don't do general so it's sedation & pain meds!! 😳

    Good luck with your 2WW, wishing you theeeee best outcome!! 😊xx

  • You shld still be good on that! Aw thank you! Will be longest two weeks of my life xxx

  • I know what you mean as I’m on my first 2ww. My pregnancy test is the 22nd of November xxx

  • I was given a local anaesthetic and didn't feel anything, I was completely knocked out actually. I didn't come back around until I was doing back into the recovery room. Don't worry, you will be fine πŸ™‚.

    Afterwards you'll probably feel quite tender and maybe have period type pains. Regular paracetamol should help keep the pain at bay and drink plenty of water.

    Good luck for tomorrow πŸ™‚ Hope all goes well xxx

  • Thank you, it's so clinic just does sedation & pain med's, but praying it'll be over quickly & we get good eggs!! πŸ™

    Wishing you the best of luck for your journey!! πŸ€ xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for me you πŸ™‚ Xxx

  • If it's any consolation my clinic didn't knock me out either lol. I was fully awake and fully aware. I had a drip in my arm for pain relief and had to use a pain relief suppository on the morning of EC too. It was a little bit painful a couple of times but I was able to tell them and they just topped up my pethadine. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd feared. If I can do it anyone can do it πŸ’ͺ🏻 xx

  • Thank you!! I'm such a scaredy with anything like this, but I guess I'm just going to have to get over it....didn't think I'd manage the injections but we have!! πŸ™

    Congratulations on your lovely news, so nice and encouraging to hear the positive stories!! xx

  • Thank you too! Looking forward to hearing how you get on tomorrow.. you can do this! πŸ’ͺ🏻 xx

  • I had sedation too. .slept right through and felt nothing xx

  • Fingers crossed hun πŸ€πŸ€

  • Good luck hun wishing you all the best xx

  • I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry, I had sedation and pain relief and although I remember the beginning like being in the room, I have no memory of the actually procedure just thinking that was over quick. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Thank you!! Hoping it will be over quickly & lots of good eggs!! πŸ€Xx

  • I has pain meds only and was pretty out of it. Just felt abit stingy, nothing to worry about. I stressed so much for not reason!

  • Thank you!! 🀞🏻 xx

  • My clinic does sedation - didn't know a thing, apparently they give you pain relief up the "back passage" too!! (I found that quite amusing on the day of EC - anything to get through!!!).

    After procedure is done you wake up fairly quickly & once you've eaten & gone to the toilet you will get released!

    Good luck - the worst bit for me was getting the canula in for the pain relief - the rest is a breeze! x

  • Thank you!! xx

  • Always maintain a positive mind. Cross your fingers so that everything goes well. I wish you the best and hope to read good news soon.

  • Thank you!! xx

  • It's really ok! In a weird way I really don't mind it! I was sedated and didn't feel or know a thing, pretty much the same as being put under for an op. Good luck! And make sure you keep drinking lots of water from then till after your transfer x

  • It really nothing to worry about, I had sedation and didn't feel or remember a thing. I enjoyed the best cuppa tea and biscuit afterwards!

  • I was terrified no joke. I was given pain meds without sedation. Its just abit stingy. I wish i had known before as i caused myself so much stress for nothing.

    You will be fine x

  • Wow that's great. I have had three ecs and honestly they are one of the easiest bits. You won't feel a thing and will be asleep the whole time. It is very quick too. Try to relax and be so proud of yourself for getting this far.good luck tomorrow xxx

  • I've had four ECs and been sedated every time, all I remember was seeing the ceiling tiles going all 'swimmy' and then you're out! You'll be fine hun xxx

  • Hi, I am sure everything will be fine. You will be sedated and wont remember a thing. I was in some pain when I came round but they gave me some pain killers and it soon went away. Make sure you drink plenty of water to prevent OHSS. Best of luck xxxx

  • Thank you ladies!! Just home (we have 7hr round trip to the hosp) were all so right, the fear and anxiety leading up to it was def worse than the procedure.

    10 eggs collected, which I'm pleased about with my age!! Just got to wait now for that call tomorrow!! πŸ™πŸ€xx

  • Wow 7 hours?! I thought 3 was bad lol xx

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