TWW and bleeding - I need advice :( 7dpt5dt

Hey guys. A week ago, I got a 5AA embryo put back. I thought this might finally be our chance because last time our egg quality was really poor. But this morning I've woken to find I'm bleeding. It was sort of fresh blood when I wiped, but not so little I would call it spotting. I've put a pad in now so I can see how much there is as the day goes on, but has anyone else had this? I want to hear good and bad stories - just give the reality, girls :( Hollie xxxx

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  • Hey, this happened to me on my last two cycles and unfortunately I didnt get a BFP. However I have to say that mine felt like a period although not very heavy and only lasted a day, I had cramps just before I started bleeding....I just knew it was over for me both times!

    You need to keep taking the meds till test day. Some other lucky ladies have had bleeding and gone on to have a positive so try to hang in there, it might just be som late implantation bleeding! Fingers crossed this is the case!xx

  • Sorry to hear about your BFNs :( It's so awful. I'm going to keep going and try not to get too crazy but jeezo, this process is absolutely brutal! xxx

  • Yep can't remember if it was 7-8-9 dpt5dt but I had a bleed. I was at work when it happened and was so upset and fed up I left work early. I did a pregnancy test why I don't know but got a faint BFP. BFP continued and she's now 8 months old cutting her fifth tooth. So I assume it was implantation bleeding. Also if your using progesterone pessary or gel then this can cause bleeding.

    So fingers crossed and good luck xx

  • I'm just gonna have to hang in there till test day, it's only a few days away :( It's a mixed one, it might be okay, it might not! xxx

  • Really hoping its implantation bleeding, everything crossed for you xxx

  • Bleeding can be quite common. My mate is having bleeding quite regularly and is just past the 11week point. Big hugs and fingers crossed for Thursday x

  • I've read a few people with bleeding and they've got on to have BFP so it definitely can be normal. Hoping it's implantation bleeding! Good luck xxx

  • Hi, I also bled on my first round of IVF, 9 dp 5dt but I knew it was all over - it was a definite 'period' as I cramped and had full flow. This time BFP I had a small bleed when I was 5 weeks and all was ok so I'm assuming that was implantation. Hope it is good news for you. X

  • Hey lovely, how have you got on so far? Hope you're okay, sending lots of love and well wishes ❤️❤️ xxx

  • Aww thanks for the comment. I think I'm out of the game to be honest. :( Cramps and a little more bleeding. Tomorrow is official test day but I tested today and got a negative. I'm pretty gutted. xxx

  • Oh no darling 😓 I'm so sorry. I hope you're okay. Will you test tomorrow anyway? Just to be sure? always here to talk if you need to. Sending lots of love ❤️💕 xx

  • Yeah, I had to do one today to tell the clinic / be 100% sure. :( But it's a no. I'm so mad at the world. Life's a bum! xxx

  • Oh hun😓 I'm so so sorry. My heart feels heavy for you this morning 💔 I'm sorry xxx

  • Aww sorry to hear that Pandash! Big hugs!xx

  • It's all over guys. :( It's a definite no. I am so gutted. xxx

  • So sorry to hear that 😢 Xxx

  • So unfair! I'm so sorry xx

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