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Eating right while you are trying to conceive

I am trying to conceive for the last 6 months. However i have been hearing a lot of comments regarding what you should eat and what you shouldn't. Am I required to follow this strictly? There are so many things over the new giving you Do's and Dont's.


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This is what i have heard experts say:-

1.Full-fat dairy

2. Carbs

3. beans and Lentils

4. Nuts and seeds

5. High protein diet (fish)

It is good to have a healthy diet so that you have a healthy pregnancy. I understand that you have been waiting for the last 6 months. Just be positive and have good thoughts.

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Hi neehasharma5. My advice would be to have a varied diet. However, I have listed some of the “good” things to have: Carbohydrates - Wholegrain bread and wholemeal pasta, oatmeal, brown rice. All fresh vegetables especially raw or steamed. Over boiling rids them of vitamins and minerals, pineapple juice, apricots, potatoes, all fruit and honey, beans, chickpeas and lentils. Protein - Organic meat if possible, poultry, fish, Milk and hard cheese, nuts and seeds. Fat - Extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil, avocado and peanut butter, mackerel, sardines, nuts (especially Brazil and walnuts), seeds, sweet corn and sweet potatoes. The things to avoid are too much sugar, processed foods, ready meals, butter, ice cream etc. A little is OK, but not all the time. Drink plenty of water and only a little tea and coffee if feeling deprived. Cut right down or right out – alcohol and smoking. Oh and don’t forget the Folic Acid! Hope this helps. Diane


Thankyou so much DianeArnold.! This really helps. :)



I am also trying to be so strict about the diet, because I am afraid of doing something wrong and so on. I have talked to plenty of doctors and they advised me to be careful with what I eat, but not to stress other the subject.

I would advise you to keep on track what you eat and drink water, and also keep your mental health ok, be happy and stay positive.

Good luck and best wishes.

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