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So the one who does not like kids is preggo 😤

Defo feeling glum but I'm not jelouse or maybe I'm just telling myself I'm not jelouse. It is what it is thought, so my hubbys bestfriend and cousin announced with his wife that they are pregnant. They both don't like kids but ooo well let's wait n see what emotional turmoil this brings. Trying to be positive though and I have faith one day it will be my turn just need to stay strong and smile

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Oh Hun, that is so so hard. Don't be hard on yourself, feel what u need to feel. Rant on here, but yes try to keep the faith. We are strong! Xx


Your allowed to feel jealous, it's hard not to on this journey especially when someone gets pregnant who like you've said didn't even want children. It's such a hard situation for you but keep positive as much as you can x


Sorry to hear this - I always feel deflated to hear a pregnancy announcement these days. Especially bad if they didn't even want children. Fingers crossed for you and try to remember that it's your baby you want, not theirs xxx


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