Week 10 - Pains? Stretching?

Wondering if anyone can help. I'm 10 weeks and I've been having strange pains in my lower abdomen on and off for a couple of days. I thought it might just be round ligament stretching, but the pain often occurs when I'm just sitting around still. It's primarily on my right but I get the odd twitch on my left too.

I have a midwife appointment (booking appointment) next week, but can't stop worrying about these pains.

Did anyone else experience this? Should I be worried?


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  • Hi there, from what I remember ligament stretching pains are common at around the 10 weeks mark. Also, it is most common to get them on one side and you certainly don't have to be moving to get them. I know it's hard but try not to worry, it all sounds perfectly normal. Good luck! X

  • Thank you Monk. It's so hard not to worry. I'll try and stay calm and distract myself! :)

  • I know how hard it is not to panic at every little thing. Unfortunately, distraction is probably the best option open to you! Remember that you can call your midwife or your GP though if you're really concerned, even if it's just for a quick chat to get some peace of mind. Xx

  • Yep, I had this til I was over 16 weeks... mine were constant from day dot.. felt like I needed painkillers every day, but I didn't take any. Was horrible. I have endo too so my adhesions were all stretching too. Nice!!

    It will ease on in a few weeks... but I know it feels horrid and feels like a constant worry xxx

    And congrats on the 10 weeks. xx

  • Hiya, I'm so glad you posted this as I'm 10wks3d and yesterday in particular I had these pains....mine weren't so much when sitting still but when stretching or bending. Even getting up from the sofa caused a sharp pain! I told myself it was ligament pain but I still started to worry, as a week ago I had a bleed and was concerned it was about to happen again (even though I had no pain when I bled!)...got midwifes appointment on Thursday and can't wait to ask her all these questions! (Just to put my mind at ease)


  • Totally normal. You will get all kinds of odd feelings throughout your pregnancy while you are right to be cautious try not to worry/panic about every new feeling or you won't get to enjoy your pregnancy! All the best

  • Ch319 is right you get so many aches and pulls etc try not to worry. If it's not really painful and doesn't last long I wouldn't worry it's just your body changing and accommodating for its new tennant!

  • Exactly same here (9+6) here... can again tomorrow... also trying not too worry and keeping mind busy. My house will be spotless in no time... all my ironing is done! (And I hate ironing)... 😉

  • Thanks everyone. Feeling much more chilled about it. Roll on midwife appointment tomorrow!!

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