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It's me again. I just called my doctor and we agreed to met tomorrow. I think he will confirm everything that the girls told me. But still: what should I ask him? Should I ask about operation or drugs? I always feel stupid when it comes to dialogue with doctors.

For those who do not know. I am 30 and I have heart problems. I need an operation on the mitral valve, but I really want to be a mother.

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I need an operation on the mitral valve of the heart. And after that I will have to take drugs to control my blood. And also it's still risky to have a baby after difficult procedure. But yes, you're right - I'd better ask my doctor everything. Thank you for your kindness!

Aww by the way did you mean surrogacy under "many ways to achieve this"? I've heard a lot about it, but I do not understand anything yet. Now I'm just trying to investigate all the ways to get baby :)


In any case, I will have to take the first step tomorrow.

I already found tons of information on the Internet. But I know: I need opinion of the specialist.

Thanks a lot for calming me down xx


Hi my friend

It's normal to feel this way when you go to the doctor. But do not be afraid to express everything you feel to your doctor. It is to help you in everything you need. So ask all the doubts you have.

I understand your desire to be a mom. But you also have to know that there are many ways to achieve this.

I hope that all will be ok with you. And you can find an option to be mom. Good luck


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