Thyroid issues and TTC


Just wanted to know if there is anyone out there who has a possible/diagnosed thyroid issue and has experienced or knows of any success stories when TTC?

My last blood work indicated a TSH level of 4.4 and coupled with symptoms such as low mood and irregular periods, the fertility consultant deduced i have an under active thyroid. Am due another test once my periods start again which are overdue once again 😞😩

Just wondered if there is hope. Sorry if i sound so negative and low; the low mood is just a daily reality for me.

Thanks all

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  • Hey

    So I have an underactive thyroid and I am on medication for this. Prior to taking the meds I was an absooute nightmare! Grumpy, irritable, irrational. However big sigh of relief I am responding well to the medication which I take daily. They have managed to get my thyroid under control and I feel a whole lot better. We have had to have fertility treatment due to primarily male infertility. They raised my med for this process and things have been fine. It's a nightmare but it is manageable.

    I hope they get it sorted xx

  • Hi

    Thanks for replying 🙂 there is hope then. I am same as you describe grumpy irritable and irrational. No issues with male infertility as his results came back fine.

    I hope to have some support with this soon xx

  • hi, i have an underactive thyroid that was stopping me ovulating, Which i take 150mcg Levothyroxine for. We had just short of 6 years unsuccessful either getting ot staying pregnant. My fertility doctor flagged up the thyroid, and wouldn't even treat us until it was below 3. Your TSH is high, i imagine you are sympomatic. it was impossible to track ovulation as periods were so erratic. My TSH is below one, and I've got a bouncing bundle on my knee after 52 months of BFN. It's treatable, and you will feel better once your optimally medicated. Have u had T4 tested?

  • Hiya thanks for ur response. My gp knows i am Ttc so am annoyed that they didnt pick up i am in need of lowering the level below 2. It was the fertility consultant who said that 4.4 is NOT ok for ladies TTC. Thank you for ur story cuz it encourages me to keep hope. I am waiting for next damn periods to start so i can go for another blood test but nearly 2 weeks overdue and negative hpt makes it all the more frustrating tbh. I wonder whether i can induce them lol

    Also just on the ovulation front not once ever have i had a positive on the ovulation stick 😂 life hey xx

  • that's what annoyed me. My gp knew we were trying and i went through lap and dye all sorts of bloods and prods and pokes and it was only a routine blood test from the answer. Grrrrr. I never once got a positive OV on internet cheapies but did use the dual hormone and i did get positives from that. Expensive but works. xx

  • Yep m gonna go thru same rut as u tbh. Got scans etc booked in. Also waiting for next blood test to get checked. Hoping i get pregnant before the end of the year so at least got something to look forward to for next yr ☺️☺️

  • KatVonB a friend kindly gave me the link to your post and she's absolutely right - we do sound quite similar.

    2 days before embryo transfer I got my Thyroid Function Test results back from the clinic and they stopped my transfer - my TSH was also 4.4 and my antibodies both extremely high.

    I've been ttc for maybe 6 years? With 3 ivf icsi (using my own eggs) - 1 resulting in a miscarriage, 1 empty follicles. I also had a round of ivf at a different clinic using DE and had a BFN. The last one they stopped would have been my 5th attempt.

    I have been referred to an Endo at the hospital which isn't until Oct. I've been on Levothyroxine 25mg for 4 weeks? now - the prescription given by my clinic as the GP refused to do or prescribe anything despite me saying I was ttc and waiting to start ivf again - but they wanted my TSH to be around 2.

    I think with everything we're going through we have every right to have a low mood.

    Please keep me posted xx

  • Hey

    Kind of comforting to knw m not alone but also sad to knw its a widespread issue so easily overlooked 😞

    I just picked up my prescription and dr said to see how i go for a few weeks and then she will call me back in. She said even with 25mg its likely i will get pregnant 🤰🏽 so heres praying we all have the breakthrough we want xxxxx

  • I had never heard of it to be honest. However, you're right. It does seem to be widespread and somewhat ignored and not treated/ lack of understanding by some doctors.

    Am so glad you got your prescription. I was told to give it 6 weeks before I got my bloods tested again (but that was by someone on this site) not my own gp. So good to hear that it's possible to get pregnant. Best wishes xx

  • Yh i know i am hoping, my GP told me like 10 yrs ago lots of women used to ask to get a dose of thyroxine just to help them get pregnant! Even if they didnt have any serious symptoms or anything! Seems to me like this is a little kept secret the drs didnt want everyone to knw!! I hope it works for u too hun xx

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