Redheads responding unusually to fertility treatment drugs?

Getting frustrated that at every stage of my Ivf so far I have either under or over responded to the various drugs, both of which extends the process! Started in March and it looks like it will be mid October before my body is in a state to get my first implantation. Have other redheads had similar situations (it is known that we respond uniquely to pain killers and wondering if the same is true with fertility drugs)?

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  • I had my first cycle and ended up with hyperstimulation so couldn't go ahead with implantation. And that was after it taking longer than expected for follicles to grow. Followed up with FET and was lucky enough to be successful. Then during 48 hour labour my body was virtually immune to epidural! I put all this down to red hair!! You'll get there in the end, it's just frustrating when things keep getting postponed. Good luck x

  • Oh man i hope this isnt right!! i am also a redhead but i don't want the process to be dragged out! best of luck!xx

  • Best of luck to you too! the nurses say be hopeful, but maybe patient for a long term success rather than hopeful that each stage is going to go as excepted would have been better for me emotionally!

  • I'm also a redhead. I responded to meds and had no problems with hyperstimulation. I did have scans everyother day and meds would be adjusted as to how i was respondingXx

  • I didn't respond well to the drugs at all! Despite every test being very normal!

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