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Looking for advice ladies. I've been using clear blue dual opk's for the last three months. First month I had a positive opk. The last two months I haven't had a peak just high fertility.

I've been testing for the last 8 days. My cycles around 38 to 44 days long. Tested from cd 13 now on cd21. That's 8 days of testing. The instructions say stop testing after 9 days of high fertility.

Also does everyone get a 'negative' result when they first test with clear blue dual hormone?

Next appointment with the fertility doctor is 15th of August. What do you think she will recommend ?

Thanks x

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I never got a positive reading off those sticks even tho I was ovulating. My specialist told me not to worry about them too much as they were only a guide and not a guarantee so I chucked the kit away and listened to my body instead. Also remember we don't always ovulate 12 months of the year. The most important thing is you were baby making before during and just after when you believed you ovulated as that's the only thing that matters to try and catch that optimal time.


Thanks Mrsjj. Tested this morning CD22 and have a positive OPK. We have been BD every other day. I really hope it is enough this month.


Ah that's great. You can't do more than that and it can be exhausting too right! Fingers crossed for you too x


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