In shock! We done it 😊

In shock! We done it 😊

After testing 2 days ago at 6dp5dt and getting a faint positive on a clear blue and first response I was a bit cautious whether to believe it. 

Today I am 8dp5dt and tested with a clear blue digital and the words "pregnant" make me fill with tears. I can't believe after 9years ttc we have made it and finally got our BFP after our 2nd round of icsi with our 2 embies on board. 😊 still early days but we are going to enjoy everyday of it. 

Here's hoping we all got very sticky ones on board , thank you for all your support and advice ladies you have kept me sane when I could of gone crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ 

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  • Fingers crossed for you for the rest of your pregnancy . Now is the question 1 baby or 2 ? Miracles really do happen , I had mine Boxing Day last year, a baby girl from icsi xxx

  • I suppose we have got a even harder wait now for the scan to find out how many stuck. I'd be over the moon with 1 or 2 , it's such a achievement for us I am blessed to have any. 😊 

    Congratulations on your baby girl. Hope motherhood is treating well. A extra special baby to be born on boxing day 😍 xx

  • We are the same! Have our scan on the 16th to find out if it's one or two!! We are just so happy with a positive result I think I'll just be floating to the 16th!!! Xx

  • Huge congratulations it's such a wonderful but nerve wracking feeling to finally get this far isn't it. How many embies did u have transferred  ? Xx

  • We had two transferred on a FET cycle. It still didn't seem real! Can't stop smiling and looking at the pee stick!!! πŸ˜‚

  • She was actually due xmas day , but came 38 mins late!!!!

    I had two embryos put back , just one stuck.  I has to wait 9 weeks to find that out!!!.

    As for motherhood , it's worth every injection and trip to the hospital. 

    Whish in you all the best xxx

  • Huge congratulations to you. Enjoy this wonderful feeling xxxx

  • Thank you Daisy-Mae πŸ˜š x

  • Congratulations! Exciting times!x

  • Excellent news. Congratulations. I did the sane thing, couldn't quite believe the little lines on normal tests so bough a clear blue digital one. Enjoy every minute hun.  Xx

  • Woooooo! Huge congratulations πŸ˜ƒβ€ absolutely over the moon for you. Fingers crossed for a happy healthy pregnancy. Ooo 1 baby or 2 that is the question now. Exciting! Xxx 

  • Congratulations!! I've never seen so many BFPs on here! It's amazing that after all that time you've got yours! Take care of yourself x o x o

  • Enjoy the rest of the journey wishing you s happy and  healthy one xxx

  • Thank you everybody  xx

  • Absolutely delighted for you!! 

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