Good morning ladies!

Finally last night the meds were delivered!😁 Firstly me and other half had a mini panic over the needles! Now my next situation is what actually needs to go in the fridge? The whole lot or just the one with the sticker saying it?! At the moment all of it is in the fridge! Lastly my beautiful partner freaked because they had to go in the fridge and he said 'but jade what if all of the fumes from the medication leak into our food' it was absolutely hilarious πŸ˜‚ little things like that pick you up ❀

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  • I put all mine in the fridge and they said was fine, but main thing be your menopur I can see in your pic that must go in the fridge. I kept mine in the vegetable draw,

    I think it can't be stored above 26 as it was hot they told be the best place for it all was in the fridge

    Good luck with your cycle xx

  • Thank you, all of mine is in the veg draw as well so i might just keep it in there im due to start on the 11th August!

    Looking at all the meds i don't really know what is what to be honest, i have my training on the 3rd so i hope it all makes sense from then :|

    What stage are you at?

    Thank you xx

  • I had my training before my mess arrived,

    Yes it Weill all make sense after your training,

    I was on menopur, cetrotide & then trigger Gonasi, and then the same pessaries as you,

    I'm hopefully having my embryo transfer tomorrow then I'll be on the 2ww,

    Good luck for the 11th it's comes round so quick and the cycle flys by πŸ€ xx

  • ah when i called to book the appointment the slots weren't available to view so had to wait, called again and got the 3rd.

    The pesseries where do you put them front or back? :O

    Ahh okay good luck! hope everything goes well for you :) xx

  • Yours look the same as mine so front but your nurse go through it all with you on your appointment on the 3rd,

    Say it doesn't matter what way round you do it it's probably better the way your doing as you've seen the mess before had, the nurse appointment they show you in good detail how each one is done it's very daunting but after the first one your be a pro

    Thanks xx

  • Bless you, ring your clinic and they will talk you through exactly what has to go in the fridge xxx

  • πŸ˜‚ I put everything in the fridge aswell even though it didn't need to I wasn't risking anything!!! X

  • Yeah i thought it was going to come with instructions or something but nothing! just the lost of what is in there x

  • I know I had the same problem. I think the main thing to refrigerate is the Menopur. The pessaries don't need to be in the fridge as I have had several deliveries of those now. Xx

  • I've never stored anything in the fridge. All of your meds will contain leaftets with all the relevant information including storage xx

    Sorry just read your reply above ☝️I would ask the clinic before storing everything in the fridge x

  • I've only ever stored what has on 'please keep refrigerated' in the fridge. I'm on different drugs apart from buserelin but I've never stored that in the fridge. On your prescription does it not say about storage or as others have said if in doubt ring your clinic, better to be safe that sorry x

  • There was only 1 package that has the yellow sticker saying about being in the fridge and the rest had nothing, there wasn't any instructions just a letter to say what was included, im going to call the clinic just to double check xx

  • Oh okay that's a bit difficult for you, I would say only the one with the sticker on then but glad your speaking to your clinic. Good luck for when you start xx

  • Thank you :) x

  • Hi Jade, you shouldn't need to put everything in the fridge. We were worried about that aswell. It may of been different for you, but when ours was delivered we had a cool box so that goes in the fridge. The tablets and buserilin and needles we kept in the bathroom so it was easily accessible for us in the morning. x

  • Hello :) yeah im going through IVF with Northampton clinic x

  • Best wishes xx

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