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I think the best is to talk out loud


Hello everybody,

This is my first post here...

I just wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Since I started this journey, I have been through many states of mind. With time one thing I have decided is that I want to be honest and open with what I am going through. Is not that I go around telling everybody, but if I have an opportunity, if the conversation starts, I just say how is It being for me. And, oh god It does help. Very often you end up listening to similar stories, people also open their hearts. I've discovered for example that people even lie sometimes: they tell you It was easy for them when indeed It took years. And I think this is because of unreal expectations, because of everybody wanting to be superwomen or men. But we are all superwomen and men here! It just needs no be normilized, everybody needs to know that not having problems to conveive is as common as having some, that having them can generate levels of stress as high as when experiencing cancer or HIV (there is a scientific study showing this).

So that's It: I told my family, some friends, some workmates, even my boss. And It feelt good. And in the future, hopefully with my baby in my arms, I will tell my journey honestly. I just think society needs more awareness.

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Oh sweetie sorry not to respond to this post before.

As you may have noticed, the newsfeed often gets clogged up with lots of spam posts from clinics trying to advertise here.

I've sent you a response to your new post. Thinking of you x

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