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First app

I'm 24 hubby is 33 been TTC since 2015 and have first appointment at fertility clinic tomorrow (got a miracle cancellation app). I have not had a period for about 10 months so am quite concerned that there is something wrong. Hubby semen sample all clear so that's 1 half ok but now feels a lot of pressure for me. Don't drink/smoke/drugs/caffeine etc very healthy. Ovulation tests all negative and basal temps showing nothing. Trying not to worry about tomorrow. I am just glad the ball is rolling. I know this may be a very long road ahead.

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Hey, it's totally understandable how your feeling for tomorrow. Sounds like you are already doing all the right things, I can't give much advice about not having periods but Im sure tomorrow they will be able to explain everything to you clearly.

It is a tough journey but try not to let it consume you, have things to look forward to with your hubby and just takes each day as it comes xx


how did it go x


Hi guys thanks for replies. So was quite extensive appointment. Turns out I have PCOS which explains a lot. So have been given provera to start a bleed and clear everything out. But I do have eggs which means IVF will not need doners just means we need a wee bit of help but all our DNA. So quite positive result 😝🙏👶🏻 X


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