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*SENSITIVE* Positive test


Am 11dp5dt today and clinic normally do blood hcg at 10 days post transfer but that day being a Saturday they scheduled me in for a blood test tomorrow so two days later than normal. Hubby and I didn’t really want to get such big news over the phone so decided to do a home test tonight. We are cautiously happy and will see what the actual level is tomorrow! To be honest I still don’t think it will feel real for a very long time. Just hope all the other ladies on here in the tww with me (there are a few!) get some good news this week too xxx

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Congratulations ♥️

Congratulations lovely news ❤️ xx

Congratulations! Hope all goes well!


Congratulations xx

Congrats amazing news that’s a BFP ❤️I’m waiting for blood test too which is tomorrow good luck xxx

Wonderful! Congrats!

Congratulations x x

Congratulations! xx


Hi NS. Well done! Hope all continues as it should. Diane

Thanks for all your messages and support so far xxx Blood test today confirmed the positive result and my hcg level is reassuring at 679. Now a three week wait for the viability scan! Hope everyone is doing ok 💓

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Congratulations! Best wishes ❤️

Congratulations! Xx

Congratulations!!! Xxx

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