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Hi, I'm 20 years of age and recently learned that I will never be able to conceive naturally due to PCOS and my tubes being twisted. This news absolutely brakes my heart I've always imagined myself with a big family. We have our first consultation for IVF next month which I am very excited about what can I expect although this don't even begin to relieve any pain I'm feeling. I am devastated

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Hi sorry to hear your story

I have no tubes due to ectopics

So currently going through ivf in turkey as I write this.

Definitely research your clinics before choosing also u are young which is great and success rates higher.

Don't go in to ivf thinking it's a stressful time go in with you and your partner as a journey with hope and a beautiful outcome ,be positive.

If u need to ask anything feel free to message me x


Hey, so sorry to read this. I totally understand your devastation, I to always dreamt of having a big family and never thought there'd be a reason not to. I was 21 when I was told that I'd never have children and not offered any support. However after moving GP's I got referred to the fertility clinic, I would say take each day as it comes. There's a lot of info to take in and you may get people saying 'your still young, you've got age on your side' but don't let that put you off fighting for what you want.

You will get through the devastation in time, I'm sure your first apt everything will be explained to you around what to expect and the treatment your clinic will offer. Feel feee to inbox me if you ever want to chat xx


Thankyou both so so much! Xx

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Hey sorry to hear this 🙁 I've just been told I can never conceive naturally due to having one ovary (pcos) took and also my tubes just waiting to go back to the hosp to get referred for ivf. Inbox me if you ever want to chat 😊 xx


Ah no I'm so sorry! It's heartbreaking. Feel free to message me too anytime xx


Don't lose heart you are so young. I have three friends who were told they couldn't have kids by Dr's - 2 of them have 3 kids and 1 has 5 - all natural. I was told I was fine and it took years of trying. It's all a minefield but a miracle when it happens. Good luck in your journey x


I'm sorry you've found yourself in this position, everyone on here are really supportive and will answer any questions you might have.

Our daughter is just starting her first cycle as her hubby has major issues, so I'm on here in order to learn as much as I can to support her.

I will add though that many of her friends were given exactly the same news as you have been given and went on to naturally conceive. I remember one in particular was in complete shock when she had a positive pregnancy test at 18 as her GP had told her, after investigations for painful periods at 16, that she had pcos, endo and abnormal tubes and would 'never be able to have a child'. She went on to have another 3, all 4 perfectly healthy and all naturally conceived.

So please try not to stress too much, being young means you've got a good chance of a positive outcome xx


Thankyou both so much. I am really struggling with the news, that's why I signed up to this for some support, information and advice. I'm trying to be positive and I know finding out so young is also positive. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks again xx


Hi, cheer up because it is possible to get pregnant even with PCOS. A friend of mine was diagnosed with PCOS and had to undergo surgery to remove cysts but two years later she naturally got pregnant. People with PCOS stand a greater risk of miscarrying but she is under medication to alleviate most of the risk and she is doing well two months along. Stay realistic, strong and believe that you will get a large family some day. Wishing you all the best xx.


Thankyou very very much! I suppose I am negative about it as soon as they tell you you can't conceive you just think that's it your never going to be able to have children. Something to do with my tubes being twisted too I'm not really sure. Hopefully IVF will work for me anyway! Thankyou for your kind words xxx


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