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IVF round 1 next month - do I need any drugs before day 21 injection?

Hi ladies, I have IVF appointment no 2 on 4th Aug which will be around cycle day 7 for me and the nurse said provided we bring the signed consent forms I can start injections that cycle on day 21. My question is, is it normal to start on day 21 without drugs before that? I have read ladies on here talk about the pill from day 1 or 2. Just don't want to get my hopes up about starting a month sooner than I actually will and also want to pencil in time off work at the right time. Xx

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I started DR on day 21 with no pill beforehand. Guess it depends on the clinics protocol?


I think it depends on your clinic and protocol. I've only ever started down reg on day 21 with all 3 cycles and doing the same this time to x


That's great to know thanks. Did you abstain then until day 21 as assume they need to be sure no chance of pregnancy given its after ovulation? Unlikely as it is I hate the thought of a month passing by without trying ! Xx


No, just has to be protected. Ive kind of accepted it won't happen naturally now so I just try to think to myself I'm doing everything possible to have a healthy baby and that means following whatever the nurse says xx


It`s better ta ask your doctor.

You can try some non traditional medicine (massage), if you wish.

But i don`t certain about meds in cycle before main.

Everything depends on your specific case and clinic`s policy.


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