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Might work right one day!

Evening ladies, what a weekend! Been on ovulation induction with gonal F for 20 days with regular scans. On Thursday my scan showed I had one follicle growing (finally!) Having undergone ovarian drilling due to over responding and developing OHSS on the past three attempts. Anyhow, I was booked in for another scan for Saturday as they believed I would be ready to trigger between then and Monday. Get to my appointment, follicle is perfect size and irregular shape which they said was because it was about to be released at any time either yesterday today and told me everything looked fab. The nurses took some pictures to get the go ahead to trigger from the doctor, as she was doing this i couldn't help but get excited as it is the first time in 3 years we have had any positivehicle response!

Low and behold, that was not to last. 2 minutes later, the doctor comes in and basically tells me my womb is shocking. Not too thick, just really dense and impacted basically due to my pcos, hence why the nurse didn't spot this. So, it's back to provera on Tuesday for 12 days! Bad enough having it for the normal 5!! I'm now stocking up on supplies so I have no reason to leave the house other than my hospital appointment on day 2 (by far the worst appoinments ive had to attend) once the dreaded provera withdrawn aunt flow arrives.. best make sure all my washing is done ready for 50 different outfit changes a day for a week.

So disappointed all round.

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Sorry to hear this. So cruel when you think you've received good news and it turns out not to be the case. Look after yourself xox

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Yep! Worst thing is I didn't allow myself to get myour hopes up until she gave me the go ahead.. 2 minutes later.. scratch that idea! Thank you, I'll be fine. Just keep laughing about how bloody typical it is haha! X


So sorry for you.

What are you planning to do next?


Start all over again! Norethisterone starts tomorrow, wa it for the dreaded withdrawn af, book my scan, start injections again! I have a feeling though that if something goes wrong the event one or two times they may recommend iui or ivf as this is my third round of ovulation induction now, try 1 and 2 developed ohss and try 3 womb lining has overgrown! X


Have you thought about some kind of non traditional medicine before starting next round?

Herbal treatment, acupuncture, massage, etc

So you can improve chances.

Or even make some rest for yourself.

P.S.: Did doctor said that immediate attempt will result in better chances?


Well he wants me to start again straight away partly because the affects from the ovarian drilling aren't guaranteed to last and also because so far we've been made to wait months in between due to changing medication and waiting game for my operation etc. I suppose as well it may help to regulate my body too. I've been on Angus castus and evening primrose oil, I tried acupuncture a few times but Ithe wasn't for me, I know there's another one to do with your feet but I cannot stand them being touched! I've also tried the eat yourself pregnant guide by zita and so far no luck! I tried and alternative approach this time and acted like a "normal" couple whatever that is, and just acted normally, lived it just like normal days and my ovaries worked for the first time! The problem was because I had my first natural af in years without norethisterone but not enough cane away we think, so I've got to stick with the norethisterone, hopefully next cycle we will have cracked it x


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