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Update hcg level drop But YES I was PREGNANT😊


Hi everyone sadly my bfp was short lived.my hcg levels dropped.I have stopped with the pessaries and have to wait for the bleed.one thing I take from this cycle is that yes BFP is POSSIBLE .I will try again sometime but for the next couple of months I just want to relax and heal.

My DH is so devastated I have never seen him this way.He really had high hopes for this one.

For all of you still struggling, take one day at a time and focus on the positive. We are doing something about it and that takes alot of strength.We will get our good bfps and hold our miracles in our arms one day.Never give up hope .

Be of good cheer and help the next person that is struggling. It really does help to be a shoulder for another struggling person.

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i am so inspired by your strength and determination, especially during such a difficult time - i am so sorry for your loss. you are right to celebrate your bfp, that is something amazing to be proud of.

thank you for your words of support and encouragement to the ladies here - we're all behind you for your next round 🍀💪🏻

thinking of you & your partner, do something nice together when you feel ready & look after each other 😘

I'm sorry, I'm glad you're seeing the good in all this and you are right, BFP is amazing! Keep going x

Big hugs xxx

Sorry for your loss. I like your positive attitude xx


You are an inspiration with your positivity! I'm so sorry for your loss xxxxx

Thank you everyone.its not easy to deal with the loss .iv been crying when it hits me but I do remember that I got a bfp which is something.next time will be better

So sorry to read this Lawmom, it's devastating to have it there so briefly then snatched away. 😔 I have to say your attitude and strength is amazing though, I hope next time is very different for you xx

I am so sorry to hear this, but it is fantastic news that you had your BFP. It really is possible and will happen for you xxxx

Sorry to hear this. Your positive attitude is amazing xx


So sorry to hear this, love your positivity xxx

Sending lots of hugs your way - hold on to that positivity xxxx

Just sending a hug xx

What a positive post in the face of your heartbreak! So so sorry it didn't work out. Big hugs xxx

So sorry to hear your sad news. Sending you hugs at this really difficult time. It's good news you can get pregnant but heart breaking it didn't stick. Look after each other. Sometimes you'll both need to retreat into yourselves for a bit to heal but you'll come back to each other again soon - that's what we found. So difficult 😢 Love to you both. Keep the faith - it will happen xxxx

That's so true. DH has turned to drinking two late nights in a row. He feels helpless. I feel like I'm dealing with it alone. I hope with time we can deal with it together.thank you.

I'm sure you will. I was quite thrown at how we both retreated into our own shells after our bfn. OH prob just needs time to cope with his emotions in the way he knows how and will be back with you emotionally as soon as he can be. Do nice things for you in the meantime if you can xxx

Fantastic attitude 💜 wishing you luck xx

Im so sorry to read this Lawmom!💔 Thinking of you both xx

I'm sorry :( .

Thinking of you and your partner xxx

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