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BFP but Beta HCG level worries

Hi everyone, incredibly after over 4 years TTC and 5 X IVF's we got a BFP on Friday. We are so happy to have some good news for a change and still be in the game! My clinic closely monitor your levels to be able to change progesterone etc if need be but I'm so worried about the beta levels. My first was 80, the next day 100, the day after 136 and then today 170. It seems a bit slow to me but is it just good that it's rising??

Thanks ladies xxx

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Hopefully they will keep rising, they usually look at the pattern of it as a whole. Fingers crossed X


Thanks Button xxx

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It's not the figures themselves that are important, it's that they are doubling every 2-3 days. So yours look fine! Big congratulations :) xx


Thank you WeeMrsH that's encouraging xxx


Hi Maria-Louise. Just hoping that everything is still going OK for you. Probably just a slow starter that should catch up. Thinking of you. Diane


Hi Diane, thank you, the numbers each day have been 80, 100, 136, 170, 200, 275 they are testing me daily and changing drugs here and there so doing everything they can and say not to get too worried about the numbers, it may shoot up and as long as it's 66% rise every 48hrs they think it's ok, but it's so hard not to compare or worry! What a roller coaster!



Hi Maria-Louise. Sounds OK to me, and as they say, you should soon get a boost. It's rising, so is OK. Diane


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