PUPO!!! - 3dt

Our solitary egg is now back 'home' and is an 8-cell which is where it should be on day 3, but it does have some fragmentation. They didn't tell us the actual grade just that it wasn't as good as my last cycle, but still a good embryo and that they do see pregnancies from this grade. Can't help feel a bit hopeless already as this is our 3rd cycle and the embryo quality has gone down each time - 1st being a blasto (BFP but miscarried at 16w), 2nd was 3dt 8-cell good (BFP but miscarried at 6wk). Can't help think this one has no chance when put into context of my other cycles.

I know I need to just suck it up, think positively and give it all I've got as what's the alternative. It's back where it belongs and no major reason why it can't form a baby xx

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  • Fingers crossed for you 🀞 X

  • Fantastic to hear your embryo is back 'home'. I was always told by embryologists that number of cells is most important factor for success so really good news it is at 8 cells. Will keep everything crossed for you xxx

  • Thanks Anna, they didn't say as much but did focus on the cell number when speaking and when talking about the fragmentation said "we do just need to make you aware of that". Also I guess if it was badly fragmented they wouldn't transfer it and it's not necessarily an indicator of the genetic quality or potential. Thanks for the reassurance xx

  • Go on the wee Lone Ranger!! Try and stay positive, much easier said than done, I know but there's is nothing you can do now except let nature take its course. It could be 3rd time lucky!! Rest up, chill and hopefully ur 2WW will pass quickly. Find a new box set to sit thru? I got lost in Greys Anatomy and that helped! I may well be joining you on the 2WW 2moro 🀞 xx

  • See you in the 2ww soon feewares! I definitely need to find a new box set, I am "bored" already thinking ok what now lol. xx

  • Good luck lovely!! πŸ‘πŸ» X

  • That is incredibly positive news!!

    Your embie is back where is should be!


    The last sentence you wrote was very true!

    Ultimately, you have done everything that you can and now it's time to sit legs up, pineapple and Brazil's in hand for the 2ww!

    I have everything crossed that this is your third time lucky πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  • Good luck hun - fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Everything crossed for you WeeMrsH, hope it's your one and a little fighter xx

  • Thinking of you during the 2ww. Fingers crossed this round brings success!

  • Good luck and fingers crossed for our little embies Let the 2ww commence x

  • What's your OTD Nyko? Mine is Thurs 18th xx

  • I'm not too sure yet I have to ring my clinic tomorrow to let them know I had the transfer today then they will advise. My egg collection and transfer were at Leeds but all my scans have been at a clinic local to me x

  • I'm Monday 22nd a urine test. Last time it was a blood test but they changed things since x

  • Oh that's a long time to wait from EC! x

  • Yeah I don't remember it being that long last time πŸ˜• Maybe il just get my own x

  • Thanks everyone. Just watched an episode of OBEM. Cried twice. One of which was a lady on her 3rd cycle of IVF. Bless she was so unsure of herself during the delivery, baby got stuck a little but all was well. It made me think - "We can have that. I want it so badly. Bring it on!"

    Need to find myself some box sets as if I go on watching OBEM I'll be a complete wreck by end of 2ww! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • Good thoughts lady... keep them up xx

  • Come on MrsH, all those good changes you've made since the other cycles, new cycle, new eggs, new sperm.... Plus if you look at your other cycles from a different perspective you have achieved a pregnancy with each one, and you're now in the best shape possible too! I will have everything crossed for you xxxx

  • Wow you have really been lucky with bfps.im sure this is the one that will go all the way.im sorry for your losses it must have been horrible.i love your resilience.im so encouraged.good luck with this cycle.fingets crossed for you

  • Wishing you

    Lots of luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Im soo very sorry for that uve gone through so much heart break with ur first 2 cycles. And i will pray that this will be ur time . Best wishes hun.xxx

  • I have everything crossed for you xxx

  • Best of luck, as you say its fragmentation, if it was that bad, they wouldn't transfer it, so you have a chance and that's all we can all hope for in this crazy game. Be strong little un and hold on tight in there! x

  • Amazing news Hun xx

  • Wishing you loads of luck!xx

  • Not sure how I missed this yesterday but so pleased your little 8-cell embie is back on board.

    I can only imagine how hard it is to be positive after everything you've been through but your last sentence is absolutely right, and im sure the professionals think there must be a good chance too or they wouldn't have proceeded.

    Keeping everything crossed for you and hoping we both have fabulous news in a couple of weeks. Xx

  • Thank you MrsB76 xx Hope you're doing well and staying sane!! Are you off work? I am and trying to formulate a plan for the week ahead :) xx

  • I'm working from home at the moment trying to decide when to go back in. Hope you plan lots of nice things to keep your mind occupied. X

  • Fingers crossed for you. Best of luck xx

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