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ec done, waiting 5 days till embryos are ready

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Hi! So I have been preparing for this for the longest time, had a really awful period of my life with my husband's mood changes and his refusal of continuing on however we've managed to reach the consensus together, we have decided that we're both not in a good place psychologically and we have to take some rest.

Yesterday I had an egg collection procedure and now we're waiting till the embryos that were created right after they are ready for the transfer. I was told that they have collected 5 egg cells from me and 13 from the donor, so I wasn't really surprised. Hope that my egg cells will make it too. :)

I want to believe that this is going to be the last round and we're going to get our bfp. because I am indeed really tired emotionally even more than physically. as it takes too much...

anyways, we'll see what is going to happen on Sat. Hopefully by the next mon we're home and 2ww won't be that hard as it was before...


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Wishing you lots and lots of baby dust, good luck,

I know it's hard but try and think positive xx

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thank you very much! It's tomorrow, everything is going to change tomorrow. had my last shot done and am waiting patiently till everything is over.

Getting your supportive replies is the best thing ever!


Wishing you lots of luck!xx

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btsd in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you! :*

Good luck and try to stay positive! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you <3

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Awwww! Thank you too! This is amazing - your support and all! I mean, I am emotionally kind of unstable but I feel like crying happy tears right now! Lots of love and luck to all of you girls!


Hope everything goes well for you - keep the faith! Good luck xx

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Oh thank you for all of the support you are giving to me!

I am so happy to have received all of your massages! <3

Good luck, over first hurdle. Hope you get a great call tomorrow xx

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Thank you so much! I did not have to ask my manager to send me all of the kinds of encouraging emails, she was full of joy! The transfer was made and now I am in 2 weeks wait. Fortunately, my husband did everything to help me go through Saturday as a whole. we had a very hard day honestly but in the end of it, we were full of relief and even, for now, are hopeful.

so we're home, trying to do everything right with injections as I knew that it won't be the end of it till I reach 12 weeks of my pregnancy. Oh I wish I can do it.

Stick embryos, please, stick!!!!!

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4ema4 in reply to btsd

I'm just reading your post in preparation to start my short protocol a week on Sunday.

I'm eager to learn how you got on? X

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