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Periods so light I don't know when Day 1 is - help!


Hi all

Happy Friday!! Random question but something I'm scared I'm going to get wrong when giving my dates for ivf. I think my period starts on day 29 every month but now I'm questioning myself. I always start getting bad cramps around this time, and it's where I first see blood. Trouble is it is typically just one wipe of blood that day then nothing for them rest of the day. For the following 2 days it's similar, just a tiny bit of blood all day, then on the 3rd of 4th day gets heavier for 2 or 3 days then stops.

How do you know when your period starts? Is it the first sign of blood or do you have to wait for a consistent bleed? Maybe I'm overthinking things but scared something like giving the wrong dates could mess up my ivf


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When I asked as I had to take the pill they said a full day bleed, which I did as the 2nd day as first day well evening was really light,

I'm sure if you speak to your clinic they re assure you, or someone may answer on here,

Good luck with your journey xxx


I'm pretty sure that they will count your first full flow bleed as your first day but just explain what you have to us and they will be able to advise best of luck with your treatment xxx

I think day 1 will be your first day of red full flow blood and not spotting. I also heard/read somewhere that if you start after 4.00pm then you should not count that as day 1 but rather then next day. However as others have said I would explain this to your clinic and they will be able to advise further. Wishing you all the best with your treatment x


Hi Bec-A. I would go by the first full flow day, which seems to be the 3rd day in your case. It is quite common to have a couple of very light days at the beginning. Good luck when your treatment starts. Diane

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