Not getting a period when I actually want one

Waiting for my period so I can go for my first blood test to confirm Date to start the pill and start our IVF/ICSI journey.

Expected period today but no sign. For once I wanted my period to come just to be able to move on to next step.

Life feels like it's on hold as we can't book to do anything as I don't know when I will need to be going in for scans and tests.

In 2 months time we should be in our 2ww but will have to wait and see.

Constant not knowing!!! Hope it's all worth it in the end.

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  • I literally just said the same thing to my husband. I'm on my down regulation and just want my period normal time so I can continue with my planned regime first and last time I say I want my period! Hope yours arrives asap x

  • It's so frustrating waiting, I was put on some tablets to start my period as there was just no sign of it. It will all be worth it, just hang in there and stay positive :) x

  • It's such a waiting game isn't it! My period was the same when I was waiting to start. Our bodies like to taunt us! Xx

  • Feel your frustration!! I feel like period always knows when it's important to come and is deliberately defiant!!

    Hope it comes soon xxx

  • My period finally came with almighty pain as well. 4am this morning I was awake in agony. But it's come so I can go for blood test and get this thing started!

    Happy Easter!

  • That's good mine came yesterday morning at 4am to lol so I think we'll be starting around the same time xx

  • Ah so jealous. I'm still waiting for mine! 😑😀

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