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Short cycles and IVF

Hi all, I've just started my first round of IVF eeeeeek! I'm on day 5 and had my scan today all going ok (I think!). They are expecting egg collection on Monday which will be day 12. My cycles are normally only 23/24 days long. I'm a bit worried that by the time they have collected etc they it may not be long enough for implantation before my period is due again! Has anyone else had any experience with IVF and short menstural cycles?

Thanks all x

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From day 5 I had suppression injections that stop you from ovulating until you take the trigger shot about 2 days before egg collection. I think it will change your pattern xx



If they hurry they can try to do a fresh transfer.

Otherwise you`ll have to freeze your future embryos and transfer on next cycle.

In any case one way or either docs will help you.

P.S.: you should ask them about their exp in short cycle ivf. If no - just forget about it.

P.P.S.: hope that everything would be great and you`ll be able to have a child in one way or another.


It's not like a normal cycle when you are on the drugs. The injections your taking will override your normal cycle so you won't have your period at your usual time. I never bled at all on my bfn cycles until I stopped taking the progesterone and would be about a 35 day cycle in total - usually have 26-27 day cycles off the drugs. X


That's really helpful! I'll chat to them when I am in there on Wednesday x


Good Luck xxx


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