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Im new to here...eekk!

Hi everyone, im new to here so a little nervous... Me and my partner came off the pill in november last year and we said we were 'not-not trying' so basically if it happens, it happens. Im 27 and he is 28 and we eat healthily and exercise... But still have had no luck...we dont drink, and he has cut smoking about 3 years ago and uses an e-cigarette... We have fertility multivitamins, and try to stay aware of ovulation dates...(so much for trying not to obsess over it all)

I have been told i have a tilted cervix by a GP, and had a cyst on my ovary about 6 years ago- which just went away on its own...but could any of this be impacting this? If so does anyone know what i can do? My GP is useless!!

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Hi dovekay welcome to the forum, it sounds like you are doing all the right things already and it's still quite early on for you in terms of trying so hopefully it will happen naturally soon. Just bear in mind that most nhs doctors won't transfer you to a fertility clinic unless you have been trying for two years under the age of 35 so I doubt your gp will be able to any further testing for you now. I don't have any knowledge on the cervix or cyst but I'm sure some of the lovely ladies on here will be able to help xxx


Hey, welcome to the group 🙂 as nmill said you definitely sound like you are already doing all the right things. I also have a tilted uterus and was told by my consultant this wouldn't affect natural conception, hopefully that helps a little. I think with a lot of GP's you have to keep going back, I had loads of problems with my GP until I moved house which meant I had to change doctors and he's been brilliant x


Hi welcome to the group, everyone on here are very friendly, lovely bunch!

I'm on here as our eldest dd and hubby are just starting their ivf journey so I have limited knowledge but I was told years ago by a consultant (after 6 months of ttc) that I had a tilted cervix. He told me to keep trying but to sleep on my tummy and go back in 3 months if still not pregnant, I conceived the very next month. Coincidence maybe but who knows. I have heard that after the first child is born the cervix rights itself, and I didn't have any more problems.

Our yd also came off the pill in November and is not yet pregnant, she and her fiancé are moving into their own home atm, I'm hoping having other things to think about will do the trick, try not to get too caught up in the stress if it all just yet if you can xx

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Thanks for your reply everyone... I will try sleeping on my stomach...see if i have any more luck...havent heard that one before!! :-) its hard to not get stressed about it all but tomorrow i am getting back into my running...so hopefully that might help my stress too!!! Double Whammy!! I hope!! Xx


Hi DoveKaylz2316. Just wanted to wish well with all of this. You could try making love "doggy fashion" - if not already tried, to tip your womb in the right position and hopefully unkink your cervix. If you do have to have IVF, ask to have a "dummy" run before you have embryo transfer, so that they know how to deal with your cervix beforehand. Makes for easier transfer. Good luck with it all. Diane


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