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Egg collection on Wednesday


Morning all

Had my final scan this morning with the consultant so managed to get a few questions answered. I have six follicles although two are 6mm so too small. One is 25mm so likely to lose that one. The remaining three are 22mm, 18mm and 16mm so due to my low amh we are still continuing to egg transfer. My lining is only 6mm but they still proceed at this. The consultant today has confirmed I have ashermans syndrome as a result or ERPC for a missed miscarriage and my womb is atrophic with little blood supply also from the surgery so I think 6mm is an achievement for me.

The odds are against us but we still have a chance! X

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Hi Jacs0008. Probably not what you hoped for, but I assure you it's enough to work with. Just wanted to wish you well with the transfer, and of course for success. Will be thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane. Wasn't really anything we didn't know but sometimes it still hits home when it's explained so matter of fact. Don't get me wrong my consultant is fantastic and sensitive but also realistic. We're still trying to be positive and everything crossed x

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Hi Jacs0008. Of course you are - and we're all behind you! Diane

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