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Bit angry need some advice


Hi all, so I had a bit of a break after scans confirmed blighted ovum, again. Third time. Had Erpc 15 June cos couldn't face natural miscarriage again. My consultant said she would get the team to call me for a follow up. Heard nothing last week. Chased and left messages this week and finally someone calls back yesterday. I explain I was expecting a call as indicated by my consultant and expected another scan (to make sure all had been removed and no probs) and chat with consultant about further investigations now it's 3rd time. Reception said I should have follow up with whoever carried out op. I said this is what MY consultant said would happen and that I would be seeing her again and not someone else. Next appt isn't until end of August! But apparently there might be a cancellation!

I am really mad! Last two times I had a scan to check all ok again and at least a quick chat within 2 wks! I don't know if we were just lucky because we lived in another borough the first two times. I am just so angry and frustrated that it's so long away. I thought and had previous experience of being checked all was ok and my consultant said this would happen. I don't know whether to complain or go to someone private that friends have recommended and just sack off the hospital. The hospital has annoyed me about a few other things before but I let it slide as I know the pressures the NHS is under. I am just so annoyed. Reception were so blase about it all. Argh! Any advice would be really appreciated thank you x

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I'm sorry to hear this, and for everything you have been through, you should be having a long wait in these circumstances.

I'd advise you to ring PALS at your hospital and explain everything, and that it is affecting your wellbeing. They were amazing when I rang them and sorted everything immediately. Xx

MJD1712 in reply to Orla9298

Will do thank you so much x

if you're unhappy with any aspect of your treatment I highly recommended contacting PALS (patient advice and liason) there is one in every NHS trust. I had to when i encountered poor communication which led to a longer wait and they sorted it the next day! And I got a phone call from the director apologising. The contact should be on the website, I'd recommend email so there is a paper trail just in case.

MJD1712 in reply to embiemomma

Thank you really grateful for your help x

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