Update & looking for advice please!😊

So from my nurse appointment Friday I have had a scan booked in, appt to follow and today received the call about delivering all my meds. 😡 All of which are arriving Friday! They only deliver from 8am to 12 midday, will they be ok out of the fridge for 6hrs until I finish work??

I'm so excited to get this started now. Wishing the weeks away and actually wanting my period to start,never thought I'd see that day πŸ˜‚

Any advice about the meds will be much appreciated xoxox

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  • Mine always said to make arrangements to go straight in the fridge, so I always took a hol or got my mum to take the deli every for me x

  • I was also told my refrigerated items had to go straight in the fridge too xx

  • Ohh no! I did ask the lady on the phone and she said that they would be fine πŸ™„ I'll ring the clinic tomorrow and see what they say. May mean taking an early lunch break and getting them home to the fridge! Thank you xxx

  • I didn't have to refrigerate any of my meds. The company the hospital used called me to arrange delivery and said on the phone they just need to be in a dry cool place. But I still needed to be in to sign for them

  • Ahhh okay. I'm going to call the clinic tomorrow to make sure. Mine are being delivered to work as we are both full time so won't be home for a delivery! It won't be much of a problem if I have to take them home ill just have an early lunch break 😊 xx

  • Hi Jade my Menopur had to be refrigerated but was told I could keep it in a insulated lunch bag with frozen bottle of water for a few hours when travelling or daft question but is there no fridge at your work? X

  • Hi Lucky, there is a fridge at work but only a few people know about my treatment & it's a big office so I don't want to start people's tongues wagging but filling the fridge with drugs lol 😏

    I'll call the clinic tomorrow and check. Failing that I will just drive home & pop them in my fridge. My manager is being so understanding I can't see it being an issue xx

  • I've just realised it wasn't menopur for the fridge it was the pregnyl trigger shot!! Sorry, and yes your right about fridge at work, good luck & fingers crossed for a BFP!! Xx

  • I was going to say, my menopur only had to be in the fridge when it got really hot last sunmer!

  • Ooh okay! I've had a look through all paperwork add can't find anything so I'll call tomorrow and check with the clinic. Thanks!xx

  • Ahhh okay! I will give them a call I guess tomorrow and see who they say. I was just going to put it all in the boot of my car but if it's a warm day probably best not too!! Thank you very much! All very exciting xx

  • Good luck...my trigger shot was ovitrille and that needed to be in the fridge. All the best xxx

  • That's the same as what I have so I think I'll have to make a quick trip home to fill the fridge up πŸ˜‚ thankyou!

  • Most of mine were room temperature..the fridge ones should have a orange sticker saying for fridge so you know which ones... All the best... All getting closer now xxx

  • Ahhh okay. I'll maybe just go through the box then and see if any do need to be in the fridge. If it's only a couple I could disguise them and stash them in the work fridge for the afternoon! Yes, certainly is getting close now. I can't wait to get it all started & give it my best shot xox

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