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I'm so sad and so disappointed in myself

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Yesterday we did the collection of the eggs, and today the doctor called to let me know that no one has become fertiIized, asked him if he knows how it happened? whether it is my eggs or my husband's sperm, he said he will call me Tomorrow again to talk more about my chances. Am I confused, has anyone ever had the same situation?

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So sorry to read this lovey, you must be absolutely gutted. I don't have any experience I could share with you but I hope your doctor is able to provide you with some info tomorrow xx

Oh and I also ment to say do not feel disappointed in yourself huni, please dont. These things happen and they are completely out with your control.xx

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Thank you!❤️

So sorry to hear this! My first cycle didn't work out well either. I had 9 eggs, but none of the 5 that fertilised developed properly so we never had a transfer. They told me they learned about my body and eggs, and that the second round could be a whole different story. And it was! More eggs, more fertilised, and now am nearly 11 weeks pregnant and have a whopping 7 highest quality blastocysts in the freezer. You can find my old posts on my profile. Hope the call tomorrow will be enlightening and that you don't feel disheartened to try again. Thinking of you!

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Thank you!! Do you mind if I had questions to you?! I just don't what to think..

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Sure just send me a PM

Thanking of you!❤️ I know it doesn't make you feel any better right now, but like Gueritarubia said... take the positives and hopefully if you ever get to try again it may be different x

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Thank you!❤️

I am so sorry to read your post. I was concerned yesterday that I would be in the same position today after a not great egg collection. I am sending you the biggest hug. I did google it this morning and there seem to be a few reasons this could happen but none were really targeted at quality of sperm or eggs. It seems it can just happen sometimes within that cycle. I know that probably won't make you feel any better now but perhaps moving forward you can take heart that it's unlikely to happen again. Sending my prayers your way. xxx

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Thank you! ❤️

Oh I'm so sorry! Big hugs!x

I'm so sorry to hear that. I haven't been in that situation but imagine how gutting it must feel. I have heard that just because this happens in one round of IVF it doesn't mean it will happen again - that every round is different. But of course you need to take advice from your consultant. But this is not your fault and you mustn't blame yourself. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes life just deals you a crap hand. Xx

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