Feeling proud of myself but a weeny bit sad

You've all been through it so I know you understand. Two of my close friends have confirmed their second pregnancies in the last few weeks, one about 10 minutes ago, and I've managed to act delighted and actually am delighted for both of them.

But you can't help but think 'will it ever be me' and have to work very hard to banish nasty thoughts. And feel a bit sad....😥

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  • Totally understand how you feel. Then feel guilty for feeling resentful. It just doesn't seem fair that some people find it so easy. I'm a primary teacher and work in a school mainly full of girls in their 20s and 30s. Some days I dread going into the staffroom incase there's a big announcement. Ridiculous isn't it 😐 xx

  • That must be tough. I don't work with many women any more as they all seem to have given up work to look after kids as the years go by. So at least I'm not usually at risk of those announcements at work!

  • It's the big shock announcements I don't like. Once I get my head around it I'm fine. Xx

  • Just talking about this with a friend yesterday. It always hard to take but your right you want to be happy for them. Never easy ... hopefully soon it will be you making the big announcement xx

  • Know exactly how u feel Hun xxx my 2 close friends have recently had babies! Last month there was a massive celebration for my sister in laws daughters 2nd birthday ...had I not miscarried, it would have been my child's 2nd birthday a few months before.as she's turned 2, I'm just holding my breath for a pregnancy announcement from her soon....I'm sure they will have another.just have to smile through it x

  • I was the same and I don't want to brag or anything but now I have been successful after my 4 th attempt. It was another one after 3 attempts and one resulted in a m/c and when I was experiencing the worst depression ever I had to watch all of my friends getting their families together their 3 child and more.. it was just devastating not to say worse.

    but i am sure that miracles do happen and eventually all of will get what they want. Just keep trying and do not give up!

  • I hate that feeling. It's so hard. Remember what you are feeling is totally natural and I think it's almost impossible to not feel those emotions.

    Friendships have definitely been strained for me. The ease it happens for others is hard to take.

    Be kind to yourself xx

  • I totally understand this. My best friend wasn't trying and is now pregnant and I had a miscarriage just before so when her little one is born mine would have been 2 months old- I am obviously thrilled for her but the timing is unfortunate with my circumstances. I literally burst into tears when I put the phone down to her- but I was so good on the phone and said all the right things. Life can be a bit cruel sometimes. Hope your ok xxx

  • I completely understand how you are feeling. You feel happy for them but deep down you wonder why your life can't be like theirs. My advice is to try and stay focused and believe that it will soon be your turn and your happiness will be different because you have worked so hard for it. It will definitely be worthwhile because good things are definitely worth waiting for.

    Wishing you all the best x

  • i know that feeling i was on the ground floor of the hospital being scanned then told i have a cyst so start meds again, then go to top floor to see my sister who just gave birth to a little angel. It is what it is just smile and get through : )

  • Oh my god hmb1 that must have been incredibly difficult and you must be a really tough person to get through it. It's the unknown future isn't it and the endless waiting. Well done for dealing with it and best of luck in the process.

  • Thank you all ladies you are all so lovely xx

  • Yep, been there and the worst of it all is when your brother and sister-in-law have had IVF and been successful on the first attempt....needless to say my faced cracked a bit and not in a good way, it has taken me 15 months to 'get over it' I still have difficulty in hiding what I truely feel but I tend to take it one day at a time.

  • Totally understand . All of your feelings are valid. It's horrible hearing others good news even though you're happy for them . You're doing amazingly well and allow yourself to feel sad . Sending love xxxxxxx

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