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Menopur or Gonal F?

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Hello Ladies,

I am back. Yesterday we had an appointment to discuss 2nd ivf cycle, how to proceed etc..My clinic said they won't change anything from previous protocol.

They just left the decision to us whether we want to use the same drug.(Menopur I used for 1st cycle) or Gonal F.

Anyone of you change the drug in the subsequent cycle or stick to the same?.

This is so could patient tell them which drug they want..doctors can suggest on the basis of experience. But they said it could be better or worse we can't force you to use the's up to you..

Your advice welcome:)


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Hi Sara first cycle i was on fostimon and cetrotide.second cycle i was on pergovaris and cetrotide amd we got 4 eggs

.shocker .currently on third cycle on lucrin and gonal f.i like gonal f coz its not too sure about due for EC on thursday and thats when i will know if we got alot of can read up on my posts to get a glimpse of what iv been through. I havent really posted much on my third cycle but iv just been commenting on peoples posts.from EC i will post my experience.

Im not of much help but i just want to wish you luck.xx

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Sara_123 in reply to Lawmom

Thank you so much for the information. Yes, please update about number of eggs.. I cross my fingers that you get.. Good quality eggs and then embryos :)

I used Gonal F, have a v v low AMH and it worked for me.. I got 8 or 9 eggs, 6 fertilised. 1 turned into my baby.. Hope you have good luck with this round, xxx

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Thanks a lot Iloveeggs.. It's really informative.. Xx

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So did it worked for first cycle or you also had to go through more attempts..

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1st cycle with stage 4 endo, I know this is rare and I was v lucky. But I do think gonal f worked for me.

My first cycle was just menopur but only 9 eggs and only three mature, only one fertilised, bfn.

Second cycle gonal f with a bit of menopur on the last three days, the nurse told me that's cos you need a bit of lutenizing hormone. 11 eggs, 9 mature, so three times as many chances! Still a bfn but at least I actually got to three day transfer this time. Pros of gonal f = less mixing as you mix it then use it for a few days, and obviously more eggs! Cons = apparently it's more expensive if you're not funded; when you add menopur in as well you're on three injections (my clinic keep you on buserelin all the way through stims too) and I was advised to keep it in the fridge once mixed which made injecting whilst out and about a bit trickier (I just used a cool bag when I really had to be out).

Hope that helps. Obviously if I try again I will use gonal f as it gave me more chances even though I still had a bfn.

Should have said five day transfer above, not three day.

Okay got it :)

Hi Lizzielizzielizzie I appreciate your reply. Since my cycle is nhs funded I can use gonal f.. If there is possibility of more eggs I will prefer it. Really sorry to hear your multiple cycles.. Good luck for every stage..


Personally I'd say use gonal f for sure then, but I would ask them whether you need something to give you lutenising hormone towards the end. I find it strange they didn't advise you.

I'm not sure. Yet have some time I will ask them what they use for lutenising hormone.

Good luck for your next round xx🤞❤🌈💋

I had this dilemma in reverse. I was on Gonal - F for first two cycles and then Menopur for this 3rd one. I wasn't sure about using a different drug but professionals and people on this forum didn't seem to have any majorly negative experiences. The clinic seemed to say that Menopur gives a higher likelihood of a live birth according to the evidence. It did make me question why I wasn't on it in the first place and apparently it's cheaper!!! I didn't get a much better response egg wise and the embryo quality was about the same so I'm not sure how much difference it made in the end. Good Luck with her decision.

Sorry I meant your decision x

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Sara_123 in reply to Rosalietea

Thank you for your reply. I'm also in dilemma. No clear cut evidence that the one of them is better. But in order to change something in next cycle I think I will go with gonal


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