Time off and IVF

Hi everyone, looking for some advice:

How much time off from work is needed for the whole IVF cycle including all blood tests, appointments?

I've got my blood tests appointment scheduled for 24th Oct (taking a half day off work as appt is 10.30 so mid morning), then having my pre-treatment appointment on 7th November at 1pm which I've been advised will take around 2 hours but due to timing might need to take the whole day off. After this appointment, I don't really know the timescale as this is my first go at IVF. Any advice is appreciated.

I only have nine days holidays remaining until end of March so trying to use them wisely. I should mention I work full time, Monday to Friday, 9-5.30pm so I assume all appointments will be during these times.

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  • My clinic had early morning and late evening appointments. Have you asked yours if they do extended hours?

    The follicle scans are really quick so if you can get an early appointment and it’s not far from work you might be ok with those ones.

    Pretreatment appointment can drag but again talk to them and see if you can push it back to make it half a day rather than a full day off.

    EC is definitely a day off and ET is a really quick one so depending on their timing and what you want to do that day Determines if you need it off.

  • Basically all you need off is egg collection and day after, and transfer day, you do have to be scammed every other day well I was, but I decided to have 3 weeks from 2nd week of injections until I got my otd

    Wishing you luck on your Journey XX

  • You definitely need time off from EC to ET. I took 4 weeks off only because I live in the Midlands and Work in Manchester and felt the commute would be too much with treatment. Since my ET I’ve been poorly and was admitted last week with an infection so now I need more time off. I’d say you know your body best and do what you feel is right for you it does help if you have an understanding employer who will work with you in terms of appointments, using annual/sick leave x

  • Would you say you needed time off just for EC and ET or the time between as well?

  • I’d say take time off between the 2 as you don’t realise the impact the procedures have on your body and it’s good to rest as much as possible before ET. I was glad I was off in the end as I got an infection so was poorly anyway but obviously this isn’t the case for everyone x

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you are in recovery from your infection and start to feel better soon x

  • Thank you for your advice. My employers are generally very good but I had a lap in august for stage 4 endo and had four weeks off so keen not to take more sick leave, was hoping I could just use holiday leave. Also I haven't told them about the ivf either, they only know I had gynae issues and my four bosses are male and pretty much as soon as I said gynaecologist they all signed me off and didn't mention it again.

    I also don't really want to have to tell everyone the outcome straight away which is why I'm fearful to mention it.

  • Yep scans don't take long and my clinic always used to give 8-8.30am appointments so easily done before work or on way to work. For my 3 ivf cycles I've always taken the week of egg collection off as you never know whether you'll have to go in on day 3 or day 5 for possible embryo transfer. I've always found it's taken 3 days from egg collection to stop feeling sore but take regular painkillers after ec and you should be fine but I would still recommend taking the following day off too as you'll be on tenterhooks waiting for the embryologist phone call!! Such a nerve wracking time.. your GP will easily sign you off work if you need it rather than taking annual leave if you explain. Good luck! Xx

  • Hey I feel your pain, juggling appointments and work is the hardest part. My pre treatment appointment and blood tests etc were all around mid morning. During the ivf treatment they seemed to be more flexible and I was always able to get the scan appointments for 7.45am. If you have a good relationship with your manager I would recommend telling them. I told mine, he was totally fine with it and said that whenever I had an appointment I would put it in as 'private appointment' in my calendar so I didn't have to constantly give reasons for being late. I only took one day off for EC (but thankfully it was on a Friday so I was lucky) and didn't take any time at all in between or for my ET (but I work PT and ET was in afternoon). It totally depends on what you do and whether the stress or physical demands of work would affect you. Hope it works out xx

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