What a week

After reading several updates on here lately from the ladies who have suffered so much heartbreak, I just can't help but ask the question WHY? Why do so many of us have to go through so much suffering? It's beyond cruel.

I just don't have the words to describe how crappy this is. I just want you incredible ladies to know that I've shed tears at each bit of sad news and thought of you all a lot over the last couple of weeks.

It's crazy how we seem to go through a spell of good news on here and then the total opposite. What I know is that we won't be beaten and we will keep on fighting. F*** you infertility!

Lisa xxxx

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  • Echoed my thoughts too. It's hard to believe that healthy babies are born after ivf with all the heartbreak of recent news on here and then you see the odd story that gives you hope.. xx

  • Definitely... I still have faith that I will be a mum one day, my heart just breaks for all the hurt people are going through xxx

  • I know. Like us ladies on here don't have it hard enough as it is 😞 xx

  • Hear hear sprinkles ❤️ I don't know what I would have done without this forum since this bloody difficult journey started. We're all so strong and we have each other xx

  • So true xxx

  • You are adorable what an honest and loving post.

    Thanks to everyone on this forum who's just so amazing xxx

  • Aw thank you 😊 it's crazy how we only know each other online but you feel all the emotions with everyone's posts... very powerful xxx

  • it scares me as you get to realise with IVF you are more likely not to get a baby than to actually have one. It only works for a few lucky ones unless you keep going with lots of money and go after go until it works x

  • You have to be very resilient throughout this journey, to keep going takes incredible strength xx

  • Well said it's heartbreaking reading the posts xxx

  • Exactly how I was feeling button... every day I'm just asking WHY... I'm just so sad for the ladies who are going through horrible times at the moment xx

  • Love this ❤ xx

  • I absolutely agree with you. It's all about tough fighting egg and embryo. The quality egg provides all nourishment to the embryo and gives strength to stick to the uterine wall. According to age egg looses this power and that's why it becomes more difficult for us. It's not our fault so never mind and don't regret. One day we all will be successful.

    Just one lesson I learnt from my whole process. I would tell my all nieces, relatives and friends if they have no plan to make family, they should at least store their eggs before there 30s.

    All the good wishes to everyone..


  • I can't say I know much about that as I'm only 30 and have been on this journey for 4/5 years now... the response from the doctors with every bit of bad news is 'oh well you're only young/you have time on your side'... yes I do but it doesn't make it any easier xxx

  • I couldn't agree more!

    Infertility and IVF is pure insanity with not a hint of a guarantee, even after a positive. We all walk a tight rope about 10 feet in the air every day...it is frightening, downright depressing and frustrating! Why indeed???

  • That's such a good way to describe it!! Makes me feel disconnected from the world sometimes. I lost I friend of mine recently, he was killed in a car accident on holiday and he was only 30. He had his whole life ahead of him and was such a lovely guy. So hard to understand why these things happen xxx

  • I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

    One of my closest friends was killed by a reckless driver 3 years ago...she was also only 30 and had been married less than a year. I was very angry for weeks afterwards, accepting how vicious life is sometimes does NOT come easy to me!

  • Thank you, I'm sorry to hear you lost your friend too, that's just so sad. It's so hard to understand why all of this bad stuff happens. You're right it's certainly not easy to accept xxx

  • Completely agree - IVF is sh*t but so glad we have one another for support xx

  • We sure do pumpkin 😘

  • It's really not been brilliant lately! I wish I'd had the strength 5 weeks ago to talk to people on here but I just wanted the world to swallow me up and it's only this week I feel I've got my feet on the ground again, we lost our little star at 9 weeks in a mmc and had medical management which our was awful I went into into shock and our little one left my body that day. Why why why is life so cruel? Gives you happiness in 1 hand and snatches it back with the other. We have to believe it will happen!

  • That's so sad Sam I'm really sorry you've had such a horrible time. We are all here for you any time you need support or to rant. You're stronger than you know and you will get there, don't give up xxx

  • So true! Xxx

  • Your post just shows the true support we are able to off one another. We may not know one another in person yet you all understand this journey better than any of my 'real' friends.

    This is a cruel journey with no certainties which make it even harder but since I've found this forum I know I feel even stronger getting ready to go into my 4th cycle. Hoping to see some positive news for all you lovely ladies soon xx

  • Xxxxxxx

  • Keep dreaming 🌈 Keep believing 🌈❤💋💋💋

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • You're an angel 😇 for saying so. Totally agree, it's just awful. Wish it wasn't so hard for us all xxx

  • Oh yes F... Infertility.its so frustrating.thank you so much for this post.i got a lil teary reading it but in a good way.😃

  • Aw I know what you mean I get teary all the time on here! Just got to keep moving forward xxx

  • You have to be very strong in this journey....

    Thanx for this forum

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