Really scared for 12 week scan anyone else feel this way?

I've got my 12 week scan on Monday first one since I found out it was twins at a 6 week scan. I know it probably sounds ridiculous and ungrateful but I'm scared stiff it's going to be bad news no babies or I've lost one is this normal?. I don't mean to sound ungrateful as I'm incredibly grateful to have even got this far but this feeling won't go away. I'm had very little symptoms no sickness just sore breasts and a bit for tired but other than that I feel great. I know very well the reality of what can happen being on this forum and life can be so cruel. I guess all I can do it's know that if it's meant to be it will happen. Came on after a few days today and so so sad to read some ladies posts heartbreaking πŸ’”

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  • Nothing anyone says is going to ease your fears. Try and stay calm and have faith that things will be exactly as they are meant to. I'm praying for you and wish you can find some peace before the scan to relax. Make sure and let us know what happens. Xx

  • it is perfectly normal. I was so anxious for mine, my blood pressure ended up being much higher than normal. Just think positive thoughts. Every pregnancy is different so don't worry too much about symptoms. And, congratulations on your twins!

  • it's normal to feel this way but try not to think about or compare yourselves to those for whom the journey is not so good let's just say. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • I would say it's completely normal to be scared. I know there are many on here who have heartbreaking scan stories, me included, but you are you and every pregnancy is different. Don't dwell on the bad stories as there are plenty of happy ones to be found on here too xx

  • I feel exactly the same as you!! Im 11 weeks today's and have my next scan a week on Saturday & ive been saying to my fiancΓ©e im scared and worried that baby will have stopped growing or have no heartbeat but we've just got to stay positive that all will be ok, I think im gonna worry at every single point along the way. Xxx

  • Yeah it's hard isn't it when it's been a long journey we also know so much having been on many forums over the years. I keep putting it to the back of my mind but it's still there 😒 x

  • What will be will be - don't waste energy and time on something that you don't know to be true or false - of course it's easier said than done and I've not even started ivf yet so I really can only imagine what you're going through - but try to relax and trust in the process. Although this forum is unbelievably supportive and full of knowledge, it can also be heartbreaking reading so many sad stories - but each person is different. I met a lady through my job the other day who had twin boys, 2 years old, through ivf - first round. Her partner had slow sperm. They paid privately as he already had a child from a previous relationship. It worked for them. The boys were fab. Keep positive and hopeful and try to keep busy x

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