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12 week scan relief

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Had my 12 week scan yesterday and all is looking ok, I was so anxious on the run up and just couldn't imagine them saying all is ok. Was amazing and surreal to see my baby moving around and looking like an actual person vs a tiny dot at 6 week scan.

This is 3rd time lucky for us after 2 & 1/2 year journey to get where we are today.

I've had migraine & blurred vision this week due to stress of it all, so hoping this clears up soon. We've not told anyone about our journey so will be a big weight off when we start to tell family this weekend, I feel I've been living a lie for years and disconnected from family and friends because it was easier for us that way. Big day tomorrow telling my parents, it's my mum's birthday so putting scan picture in card.

Still a way to go and keeping everything crossed but amazing to get this far x

9 Replies

Enjoy telling your mum! We told my mum the same way with a scan photo in a card and she was speechless. Same as you we never told anyone we were trying.

Congratulations xxx

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Congratulations. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

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Aaaw that’s lovely! Glad to hear everything is ok. What a journey and the best is yet to come. Enjoy telling your friends and family 🙂 xxx

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So lovely, congratulations and here’s to finally enjoying being pregnant! :-)

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Congratulations. What a lovely birthday present for your Mum xx

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Congratulations 😊 what a lovely birthday present for your mom x

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All hopes on that little frostie everything x'd for you xxx

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Sorry that reply was to Lisaworthy Don't know how that happened! Congratulations on your scan and your Mum will have the best Birthday ever x

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Congratulations! What an amazing pressie for your mum’s birthday!

Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Sending loads of love 💕

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