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Hello everyone!

Just a quick query about how you are all getting on with working and undergoing IVF? As much as my work were very supportive when I raised the topic with them way back when, even I didn't realise how time consuming all the appointments are and how you need to change plans at the drop of a hat. This is not to mention how you feel when you actually start the drugs! First injection today so well as truly on my way......xx

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  • Hey, I think it could depend on what job you do? I worked through all my cycles, apart from EC I had a couple of days of and ET I took the day off however I did find my last cycle quite tiring and would consider having a few more days off during my next cycle.

    It's such a balance because as hard as this journey is you don't want it to take over your life and still need things to focus on and sometimes act as a distraction xx

  • Am on day 15 of buserelin and it's made me feel rotten! Have somehow managed to go to work but am so tired and feel sick pretty much all of the time! Really can't fancy food plus work is stressing me but can't seem to phone in sick! Wish I could x

  • It is tough particularly I found during the stimms when I had to have daily blood tests and scans every second day - I was having to take half days off sometimes to cope with all the appointments. And as you say - appointments change depending on how you are responding, and even EC I only found out about the date only two days before hand (I had it yesterday). So in short, I did have to take a bit of time off just to cope with the appointments etc but thankfully was able to do so. I had a really frank discussion with work and sat down with them and explained the process and timeline for IVF, the drugs and what is involved in detail - I think that really helped and meant they understood why I needed the flexibility.

  • Hi Hannah, I think it's great you've been able to tell work already. Hopefully they'll be really supportive and understanding of your situation. Unfortunately I've not told work as I can't trust it will stay confidential. This is causing additional anxiety but I'm just trying to go with the flow so to speak. Good luck. x

  • Same boat I'm on a fixed term contract and while I think this place would be fine and are already talking of extending my contract I don't trust work to know.

  • Hi, I've been really open and honest with my boss who has been fantastically supportive so far. I travel a lot with my job but am also lucky enough to be home based so I have tried to keep my diary free from meetings as much as possible which has really helped as I knew it would stress me out cancelling meetings and feeling like I was letting people down.

    So far I haven't taken any days off but I have made sure I've blocked out enough time for my appointments so that I'm not running around like a headless chicken.

    I think it's important to take time for yourself and always remember you can only do as much as you can do when it comes to work.

    Hope you work something out.

  • I have done both, worked throughout, and second round took time off, fortunately my headteacher is beyond amazing, and has been super supportive, but it was still stressful teaching a class full of hormonal teenagers, when you're hormonally mental yourself!! This time round I'll take off afternoons for scans, and then won't go back after EC as it's very physical at school, and I can't risk it!! Take the time you need, this is far more important than work xxx

  • Hi Hannah _85 it's all nerve wracking isn't ? I'm currently on my 3rd cycle and off sick for a week this cycles took it out of me. My work have been brill, all I can say is stay calm altho it's hard and make lots of me time I got offers free tickets to take that Sunday I'm not going as have to do my injections at a certain time at night gutted but this is my 3rd time and I'm thinking more about me good luck with everything stay positive xx

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