Down day 😢

Having a down day today. Feeling less positive. In the 2ww with 3 more days till testing.

Unsure what symptoms I am having and if they are period related or pregnancy.

Feel low and struggling to keep positive. Suppose what's done is done and I've tried my best but that won't get rid of my disappointment if its negative.

Enjoying my time off work though and currently away in London but nothing able to distract me from my bloated stomach, uncomfortable cramps and sore bum cheeks (from injections).

I wouldn't mind if I knew it was worth it.

Sorry for the rant just needed to get it down somewhere.

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  • Hi!

    I feel your pain- I felt like that last week with all the bloating I couldn't even bend forward.

    Eventually then it settled .... But now ice started bleeding. now I wish I just had the bloating to contend with rather than a serious negative sign.

    I feel the same way@wish you knew if it was worth it- but bloating is generally a normal sign- so just stay hopeful and keep up the fluids - you should be fine!

  • Not long to go! This is the worst bit of 2ww. Keep going. Cramps could be a sign and some women don't get any signs.

    Sadly your sore bum cheeks won't be a symptom! ;-) OUCH! :-( x

  • I am sooooo with you. My OTD isn't til Sunday (Typically Fathers Day). Been feeling really positive until yesterday and suddenly seemed to take a nosedive and felt rubbish since. I'm panicking about every little twinge and everything I'm doing. The cat trod on the stomach and I nearly killed it etc etc. My stomach was stupidly bloated but now seems much less so too. If only you knew there was something nice at the end..... Fingers crossed we both get the prayed for two lines!!! x

  • I think this is the worst bit as testing gets closer. Keep going, cramping can be a sign of implantation and I've recently read a few posts where women had no symptoms and got a BFP. Good luck for when you test x

  • Wishing you all the best of luck, it's the most difficult time but your nearly there ❤️ x x x

  • 3 more days to can do this! I almost went stark-raving mad myself and it is so hard to stay positive when you want something SO much. Try and relax, distract yourself wherever possible and I have everything crossed for some happy news x

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