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Test day tomorrow

Hi ladies. Just wondering if anyone had any positive words of encouragement for me. This is my second round of ivf and I had a frozen embryo transfer. Last round I had an awful lot of pain during the 2ww which I think was partly due to egg retrieval but I started bleeding on day 10 so I think it was also period pain. This time round I haven't really had any pain which was great as I felt so much better. However last night I started to get pain on one side of my stomach, quite low down. I still have the pain today now on both sides of my tummy , quite low down. I'm due to test tomorrow and am convinced the pain is bad news! I rang my clinic and the nurse said it could b due to the medication but she also said it could b period pain if iv been unsuccessful but to try not to worry. I wish I hadn't rung now as I feel worse and am convinced it's period pain. Has anyone heard of anyone having a similar experience and still having a positive result? Thanks xxx

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sorry I cant share my experiences with you, (I'm a poor responder, so havent managed to get to EC yet), but I just want to wish you all the luck in the world. i'm keeping eveything crossed for you XXX


Thank u so much hopefuljo. This waiting sucks. It feels more like period pain so I'm pretty sure that's not good at this stage.I hope u have some luck with EC. That must b awful for u and it must b so frustrating not knowing if the cycle wil go ahead or not. It must mess with ur head. Fingers crossed for u too xxx


thank you for your support too XXXX sending you lots of strength and luck XXXX


Best of luck I'm crossing everything for you. Don't test at home pls it not good I didn't . I felt it was right to sit down together with nurses and just breath together and take in what ever news came out way. Lots of hugs. Xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Belle79 i know how stressful is for you especially those final days but do not loose hope, until there is no bleeding there is definitely a hope for positive result regardless of any pain or twitching. Unfortunately we do not know what is going inside our body so we tend to make assumptions which add extra stress. I am on my day 9 after transfer and i know that from any time now till my testing day i may get my period if my ivf was unsuccessful and everytime i go to the loo i always check if there is any spotting or bleeding which is really stressful so i truly understand how you feel at the moment and wish you best of luck with your tomorrow i hope you get possitive result xxx


Good luck hunni.. I hope that you get a BFP :)

Haven't been through ivf yet.. Hoping to start cycle soon now my tsh is good. :) so can't advise you on wots normal and wots not.. I have heard people on here who have cramping and still get a BFP.. I suppose everyone's different.. I think the not bleeding is a good sign tho :)

Best of luck hunni will be thinking of you..



Tried to send a reply a min ago but it seems to have disappeared! Sorry if it reappears again! Thank u so much for all ur comments ladies.it has really helped perk me up. Belle-7- I have to do a urine test at home but if resisted the urge to test early! Babylonia - I know what u mean about checking for ur period . However the clinic told me that I wouldn't bleed this time even if it was unsuccessful as iv had a frozen cycle. Not sure why I would get period pain tho? Spoke to my acupuncturist earlier and she helped make me feel more positive too. Thanks jess1981- iv read bout people who have pains and get a BFP too just hope I'm one of them too! Fingers crossed. Lets hope I sleep! Thank u again and lots and lots of luck to everyone! Xxx

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