Past cannabis use and NHS ivf

Hi we are just about to embark on IVF treatment through the NHS and have a tonne of forms to complete. One of the forms asks about drug use. My partner and I have both previously smoked cannabis and am wondering if this will be held against us?! To be honest I'm wondering wether to be honest on the form or not. I hope that doesn't sound like I am a bad person but we have been given a glimmer of hope and I really don't want to find it pulled from beneath us!

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  • Hey,

    If you are not smoking it now then that's all that matters.

    I would not disclose as it's irrelevant now.

    Wishing you best of luck with your treatment xx

  • I wouldn't put down that down,

    Say my hubby put down that he smoked and gave up for a year which he did and they've made him go on a smoking course for 12 weeks to get a no smoking certificate at the end, luckily we've been allowed to start as the time I've started treatment I'd have his certificate,

    It's so silly as say he gave up year ago,

    So long as you've both defiantly given it up then I wouldn't put it on the form.

    Good luck on your journey, 🍀🍀x

  • Thanks girls, so you were allowed to go ahead with treatment while he was on his course!?

  • Not had any treatment yet, just Had consultation and awaiting nurse appointment say they did say it was silly but it's the regs of the NHS policy requires a certificate,because he put he had on the form and needed proof, so they was happy that he was on the program and cause he didn't smoke, so luckily they was nice and allowed us to continue as he will have his certificate before base line scan.

    This didn't come to light till it was sent to the clinic as they noticed it on the form and the NHS can reject he coatings without it,

    If you both don't use it anymore then I wouldn't put it down say with smoking if you don't but if you do then I'd recommend you both stop them continue with your journey,

    Someone did say ages ago on here they can do or request smoking test at any stage of it, not that I'm wanted to scare you, just that the NHS won't fund smoking couples xx

  • If you don't now then I wouldn't bother disclosing as it could cause you issues unnecessarily. My mates hubby has had to quit smoking fags before they will be approved and they will test him to make sure he has quit, so I would imagine they would drug test you if you so much as hinted at past use so they can be sure it's past.

  • Firstly no one here will judge you for it. Secondly if it was a while ago it really isn't worth disclosing. X

  • I wouldn't put it down on the from if you no longer use it as I think it's irrelevant now and not something they really need to know about.

    Good luck with your treatment xxx

  • I agree - I wouldn't disclose as will probably cause you issues x

  • Don't disclose it , honestly it will delay your treatment . My partner smoked and they wouldn't start my treatment until he gave up so that delayed us for another 8 weeks , he did give up smoking and just used a vape with non tobacco based liquid , so when we went back they asked had he stopped smoking and we said yes, i said that he's done really well and that he was using a vape with nine tobacco base . They then said that it was classed as still smoking !! ( even though it wasn't tobacco) I was devastated as they said my treatment couldn't start until he gave that up . So again we were sent away for another 8 weeks ( time wasn't on my side as I was 38 . Anyway in the end it all worked out we just went back 8 weeks later ( after writing a complaint letter) - and my treatment started although few knock backs along the way but I had my beautiful daughter in January.

    So the moral of this very long story ( sorry) is do not mention smoking / cannabis etc.

    They never tested us either . So we wasted 4 months !!

  • I wouldn't bother noting it down, if it's past use and you're no longer smoking it then it's not part of your current lifestyle. Don't stress, nobody here will judge you xxxx

  • Thanks everyone the reason we worry is it asks about use in the last 4 years and I don't want to lie but just don't want this to be held against us 😩 x

  • So ladies we were honest and it wasn't a problem ❤️ thank goodness. Didn't seem to hold us back at all due to start with my next cycle!

  • Great news xx

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