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Nasal spray

Hiya all, was totally exhausted on Friday and went for a snooze about 9pm and then slept right through till the morning! So completely missed my bedtime dose of nasal spray. I read the instructions and it just says to take the morning dose and carry on as normal. I have a blood test on Friday next so I assume if any problems it will show up then. Should I be concerned? x

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I've done this too this time. In fact it was related to having awful migraines caused by the sniffing. I ended up having to take strong painkillers so not only have I not taken my medication when I should, I also now have paracetamol, caffeine and codeine running through my body. I'm just accepting it and feel that if it causes me not to get a bfp then so be it. I couldn't go on with the pain in my head any longer. I've had two days off of work and my head has been banging since Wednesday. To top it all off I'm supposed to be writing reports and doing my kids' final assessments at work. Something had to give. I say don't worry about it. We're only human after all. 😘 x

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Yep definitely I think there's a reason why the ladies have to do all the drugs, and not the blokes - I said to my husband the other day if he had to do all this, he'd never remember!! I set an alarm on my phone to remember each dose but sometimes I'm in meetings or whatever and not so easy. I've been mostly on time with them but some have been out by 30-45 mins. I assume it's expected though, definitely won't be missing a full dose again though, alarm is on loud & repeat!! ;)


Ps. Hope you feel better soon _MrsC sounds like you've had a bad time of it x


Hi Lilli79. Missing one dose of nasal spray shouldn't be a problem. Can you set some sort of alarm to remind you, just in case it should happen again?? Good luck! Diane


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