Can you get evap on FRER?

Can you get evap on FRER?

Hi everyone

I made the mistake of testing early, since 3dp5dt got nothing at all so I know trigger is out of system, then yesterday at 6dp5dt I could see barely there lines, I thought I was seeing things. However hubby could see something too, iv added the pic but can't get it to show properly they do look more obvious in person, I'm scared it's just evap lines but iv never had evap lines with frer tests.

Today I took another test at 7dp5dt and the same thing happened but it came up within 2min but still mega mega faint. I'm really questioning it but sure I can see a whisp of pink especially on the savers version.

Has anybody else had this and gone on to be a bfp? Also has anyone else had better lines with afternoon urine as I find I only can see something when I test in the afternoon as opposed to morning.

Hoping this is a good sign, it's our 8th attempt and last try πŸ™πŸ™πŸŒˆ xx

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  • Dear just hang in there

  • Thankyou, I'm trying 😊

  • If you test early they all start very faint. I got mine at 4dpt with a cheapo one and it was very faint. I have had 2 implant so I had a higher hcg to detect potentially. But I would say pretty sure you are preggo... now you will be addicted. I was worried I would have a chemical as you read this so much. I booked in with my gp to have a hcg done. First on 6dpt and it was 65 then the next day it was 111. So I felt confident it was steadily rising. Good luck xxx

  • Thankyou for replying, congrats on your bfp and twins too 😊 how lovely. Fingers crossed for a happy healthy pregnancy for you. Oh I hope it is an early bfp for me, this is our last try it would be a miracle. On 5dpt I thought I could see a shadow of a line on frer but so hard to see then more visible faint lines 6dt but still sceptical. I think I keep comparing to ppl who have had a dark line by now, hoping mine is just a slow starter. My beta isn't until Thursday, that will be day 12 past transfer. Your numbers sounds great. I hope mine rise quickly so I can test again soon and have something more definitive. Iv always been a test addict. Xx

  • Took me around 40 tests to wean myself off. I would bet quite a bit of money on you being fine. You sound like you deserve it! One of my embryos has an irregular gestational sac which reduces viability to around 30 per cent. But until the fat lady sings I have 2 budding bambinos for the time being. Xx

  • It'll probably take me a lot more tests haha. The test from yesterday 7dpt is much clearer and can Definately see the second line, gonna go get more tests today so I can do one a day until beta on Thur just to see if line getting darker. I'm too scared to get excited yet. Aww Thankyou I hope your right 😊. Aww I hope your little fighter defies the odds, as we well know miracles do happen. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xxx

  • Ok I think I should stop reading this forum because now I'm tempted to test early!

    I only just worked out what the 3dp5dt abbreviations meant!

    I actually think I see the line flossy! Really hope it works out for you!

    I was given a date to test 11 days after transfer- is that quite late? Seeing all these posts makes me think i could test earlier As everyone seems to have a mixed bag of test dates

  • Dp dt- what does it mean? Days passed and days to go or something?!

  • Ahh it's not just me then!

    I believe it means DP=days past/post and dt=day transfer (day of your embryo transfer which is usually on day 3 or day 5 after egg collection)

    So 3dp5dt means 3 days post the day 5 (embryo) transfer

  • Thank you!!!!

  • Aww Thankyou, yeah it means how many days past the transfer you are. The line was a bit more obvious on yesterday's test at 7dpt.

    Honestly if I was you I'd wait until day 11 because at least then it will be a very definitive line if positive. Iv always been the type to test early but you have to be careful as you can feel really down if u see a negative but you have to remember it's really early. I would say don't test until at least 8 or 9dpt. As you can see with mine they are mega faint beforehand and can make you go insane staring at it and twisting it in different lights lol.

    If you can I would hold off until test day or minimum 9dpt. Good luck Xxx ❀❀

  • I was seriously starting to worry last night that I didn't 'feel' pregnant or any different to normal. The side effects were wearing off and I didn't have any 'negative' signs either.... Then I woke up later that night and found spotting/light bleeding.

    I thought that was it- it's over- and I cramped a little bit.

    But thankfully it stopped within an hour and absolutely nothing since.

    I actually think when I inserted the pessary I hit something as it felt uncomfortable at the time (sorry TMI)- so hopefully that's it. I def won't test early now as it will just confound my fears!

  • I wouldn't worry at all, that all sounds normal. Some ppl have symptoms and others don't I think everyone is different.

    My clinic have always told me that if I have any light spotting or bleeding not to worry and only to seek advice if the bleeding is bright red and heavy enough to fill a sanitary towel in an hour and/or pain that is severe.

    You've maybe had a bit of implantation bleeding esp if it's now stopped. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    You can use the pessaries front or back after transfer, I used to do front on earlier cycles but found I always got spotting and the remnants always made a mess of knickers (sorry TMI lol) I prefer back way now as once in can't feel it and no mess.

    Good luck to you, when is your test date? Mine is Thur. Xx

  • yes my clinic said the same regarding spotting- I had it the day after transfer and then nothing since until last night. I'm not too worried- thanks.

    Yikes! I read about back transfer pessaries wasn't sure if it was really advisable! Lol.... Tbh I'm finding it hard enough the front way! Don't think I could handle that haha.

    Thanks again for the advice. I'm due to test on sat 17th

  • I can see pink flossy. They are very good tests and it's such early days. Mine was exactly like that it was like an evap line and the next day it was clearer. Digital and most others were BFN I got a line even before that with super drug early response they are brilliant. XX

  • I would show you mine to compare but I can't attach pics on here xx

  • I know, I wish we could attach more pics in comments lol xx

  • Aww so glad you can see the lines 😊 I love the 'answer' savers tests they're just the exact same as frer if not better as seem to have thicker lines. Ooo do they? ...guess who's going to superdrug today πŸ˜„. The test I did yesterday at 7dpt is much clearer than this pic from day 6. Iv just looked at it again and now that it's completely dry it even looks darker and defo pink. Not gonna get too excited until beta on Thur. Fingers crossed. Xx

  • Wow sounds like your heading for a BFP. I know you don't want to get your hopes up I was the same as had a few lines before but never on a FRER always cheapies so it gave me hope felt different. I kept testing and didn't really get a decent line until day of missed period and that was for twins! Digital never gave me a positive at all gave up on them xxx

  • I see a faint line x

  • So glad you can see it 😊 it looks darker on yesterday's test too xx

  • Evaps don't contain any colour, yours has pink, it's not evap. 😊

  • I can Definately see pink on my 7dpt test now from yesterday 😊 beta not until Thur so gonna do one per day to see if line gets darker to put my mind at ease. Scared to get excited yet xx

  • Can see line n bottom one fingers crossed xxx

  • Thankyou xx

  • I can see the lines 😊 personally now I would stop testing and wait until the date u are supposed to after what i just done to myself by testing early I would defiantly keep to the actual date ..i becomes like an addiction needing and wanting to see those lines so much πŸ™ˆ good luck hun and I hope this is the result u have been longing for 🀞🀞🀞 xx

  • I'm so sorry for what happened to you, it's so not fair πŸ™. I know I'm always been addicted to testing. After so many fails it's just nice to see the line to know something has happened for a change. Iv limited myself to one per day until beta Thur just for reassurance to see the line. Thankyou, take care I hope you get your miracle you deserve it xx

  • Good luck today hun 😘😘 xxx

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