Positive test result!

Hi ladies, had the shock of my life this morn when my pregnancy test result showed positive. I am over the moon but it has taken some time to sink in! The test the clinic gave me showed 2 lines which means positive but the test line was slightly lighter than the control line but the instructions said this was still a positive. When I phoned the clinic they told me to do another test tomorrow morning to see if both lines come out dark. I ended up feeling a bit deflated and am worried if both lines don't come out dark tomorrow what that means! The positive test line wasn't that much lighter and I'm hoping it's just because it's still so early on to detect the hcg hormone.when iv looked it up on the internet-it says any line indicates a positive result. I really am so chuffed but I thought I would feel such relief which I do but there is stil so much worry and uncertainty in my head! Did anyone else feel like that after a positive result?! Xxx

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  • Bless you, sending you lots of love and luck. It's lovely news XXX but do let us know tomorrow please, but until then....... congratulations!!!!!.... (I kept it in small letters until you feel more secure XXX)

    Treat yourself to something nice tonight to try to distract from the worry XXXXXXX

  • Two lines means positive it shouldn't matter if ones lighter than the other.. If you wanna be really sure do a clearblue digital one.. They tell you how many weeks gone you are.. Good luck im pretty sure you are :) it's natural to worry when you want something so much.. Xxxxx

  • Wooooooooooop we'll done chill now you were blessed for a reason. Good luck and congratulations xxxxxxcxxxxxxxxx

  • Awww-thanks ladies.

  • Hi don't worry my test form the clinic was a lighter line but all the clear blues I did - and I did a lot! were all positive - I have had a 6 and 8 week scan to prove it

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