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Poor response to stims any advice

Hi I haven't posted before. This is my third stims cycle and first stims got 9 eggs 2 transferred bfn. Second stims 12 eggs 2 transfer bfn. 1 fet transferred in Dec 2017 bfp sadly miscarried at 7 weeks. Started gonal f 300 and stimmed for 13 days. Tracking scans showing slow response and follicles not in a cluster and far fewer follicles than before. I have really struggled emotionally this time and its feels like game over before I get to egg collection which is scheduled for tomo morning.

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Not sure what I can advise as my history hasn't got to the happy ending yet.

First round - long protocol

17 follicles at last scan, 12 eggs collected, 10 injected with icsi, 4 embryos fertilised.

Day 5 blastocyst transfer of 1x 5ba, 1x 5ab frozen, 2 progressed for another day, but didn't progress.

BFP with missed miscarriage - no heartbeat at 9+5 weeks.

Second round - long protocol starting on lower dosage to avoid OHSS again.

10 follicles at last scan, 6 eggs collected, 3 injected with icsi, 1 embryo fertilised.

Transfer day = BFN.

FET round - Using frozen from first round.

BFP with miscarriage at just over 5 weeks.

Third Round - short protocol

11 follicles at last scan, 8 eggs collected, 8 injected with icsi.

1 embryo fertilised - they said there was debris in the eggs.

Day 3 transfer - BFN - started spotting 5 days before OTD.

Things I was told and did:

No caffeine/alcohol

Low sugar intake

Low carb, high protein

2 litres of water a day

My clinic used to advise 1 litre of milk a day too, but they now say it can be part of your daily diet in drinks, cereals etc.

I haven't drunk milk on its own for years, so I had some milkshakes, yoghurts and cheese on most days.

I also got some Danio yoghurts and Upbeat drinks as they are high in protein.

Avoid snacking inbetween main meals as it's got something to do with your body trying to break the snacking down when it should be concentrating on growing your follicles.

They said if you need to snack then seeds or nuts are ok.

Mainly stuck to fish, meat, veg and fruit, but did have some carbs as you still have to be happy in yourself whilst you are going through the treatment!

During stimming, after injections, I put a hot water across my belly as its meant to help follicle growth?

After transfer I:

Took time off work

Kept my diet food and drinks similar to what I had been doing but had some "naughty" foods too!!

No hot water bottles

No hot baths

No over exercising

No swimming etc for a while after

Apparently you are also meant to keep your feet warm after transfer too.

I'd had some reflexology prior to starting IVF.

Have you had any acupuncture?

I was having it pre ivf and then had it during the stimming time, before collection and then before/after on the day of transfer.

I got the zita west CD's and listened to them at bed time.

I was taking Pregnacare as well.

Did your clinic mention the endometrial scratch or embryo glue?



Thanks for reply I've been doing reflexology for nearly two years helps with stress. Having acupuncture for last few months and this time round took time off work for stims as I have a stressful job. Think I have just been shocked at the poor response as I've been following healthy diet hardly drinking etc. Had a scratch this time as well. Had a scratch last time with the frozen et which resulted in pregnancy. My periods had been irregular after miscarriage only had two at 45 days and 51 days so worried that would effect the quality of this cycle. There was so much debate from the clinic when to trigger me and I have the found stims process so much more stressful and worried they will get nothing viable in egg collection. Also been taking zita west vitamins though my clinic says waste of money x


I think that is the annoying thing, there's no consistency in what happens even when you do everything in your power to produce the best results.

If they are not happy with the cycle response, do you think they will cancel?

After our last round last year, our consultant suggested going to a clinic in London for a second opinion and maybe there might be something different they could do. When we quizzed him on what, he didn't have any answers.

He also suggested donor eggs might be another option, so I think that might be our next step.

I started having reiki about 6 months ago. It's a little bit out there, but she's determined to cleanse my body to get IVF drugs out of system and to rebalance my hormones etc...


Defo agree I've been having Reiki and defo helps me feel more balanced. They triggered me last nite and have to go to the clinic on the morning. I'm also thinking Donor eggs might the ways forward but I paid for three stims cycles and have another to do after this one. I always thought the two week wait for the anxious bit now I'm praying to even get to that stage xx


Hi I had very low response as well.i did take 150 fostimon for 5 days then gone for blood test results was only 72😭Then nurse asked me to do 450 fostimon, done another blood test after another 6 days. Results was good 762 then they booked a scan after another 6 days- I mean total 18 days on stimming. Around 13 days i called clinic and said, I'm without a scan for 18 days. They as me to come for scan and I had big follicles 8 ( 24mm,23mm,21mm etc) they booked for me Ec and done. B4 I start treatment,13 eggs found on baseline line scan but after treatment only 7 good size eggs collected. Hope this will help you

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Have you done karyotyping, cos of your bnf and msc? You would find more about failures on invictaclinics com/infertility-treatment/treatment-methods/in-vitro-programmes-after-failures/

But if I were in your shoes, I would consider doing acupuncture. x


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