Low sperm and low overian reserve

Hi guys im new on here. Just after some support and guidence. Me and hubby have been trying for a baby for almost 3years now. We have had all the tests and the issue is low sperm count and poor morphology. My tests all came back normal however when we have 2 cycles of icsi i was told my overian reserve was low. I made 10eggs the first cycle 6mature 3fertilied i very good embryo but failed to implant. Second cycle was much poor only 4eggs none made it to day 3. The fertility drs said its likely i have low egg count. But have said we still have a chance to naturally concieve. Im just so confused. Has anyone been told similar stuff to me and got pregnant. Need some inspiration and guidence please.

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  • Hey. All is not lost. I was in the same situation as you and I'm now pg. I only managed 7 eggs. Apparent inactivity in left ovary. Poor sperm morphology and motility. Firstly I highly recommend your oh takes proxeed it worked wonders for us. And as for you and eggs. It's quality not quantity. Please don't lose hope. I hope you get your pg one day xx

  • Hi, when my husband and I first got tested he had low morphology, I had polysystic ovaries and a fibroid in my uterus so we were both quite shocked. After an opp to remove the fibroid and a round of IVF which seemed quite promising but failed I ended up coming off all the drugs last December and low and behold after completely chilling out and putting the whole thing to the back of my head and enjoying Christmas I feel pregnant naturally and discovered I was pregnant in January. As you can imagine we were both very surprised but it just goes to show some times miracles do happen, keep your chin up and try to relax, it could be your lucky day too. Good luck Xxx

  • Hi,

    Welcome to the forum. You will find that you get lots of support here 😊

    I have similar issues to you, my husband has azoospermia and I have a low response to the stims. I have also had two rounds of IVF with similar results to you 😔

    Have you had your thyroid checked?

    Sorry I can't give you news of a success story, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. We are still going ahead with further rounds of IVF as we have no chance of natural conception.

    Good luck xx

  • I have poor egg reserve. I got 5 eggs 1st round of icsi, 6 second round and only 1 last round. All bfn. Hubby had poor motility/ morphology on initial samples but improved with proxceed. Although my icsi cycles were all unsuccessful, i have now fallen pregnant naturally after nearly 4 years so it can definitely happen. We were planning donor eggs before our surprise bfp though as didn't feel we could put ourselves through another unsuccessful cycle. As you are still getting a few good eggs off, don't think you are at that point yet, but there are options down the line if you need to consider them. And I'm proof that poor cycles does not mean you can't conceive by natural means! Best wishes xx

  • Hi there i also have low egg reserve.you can read my posts .iv had two failed cycles and hope we will be third time lucky.dont give up hope.stay positive.all the best.

  • Keep my fingers crossed and wish yr dreams come true x

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